Do not Choose Any of These Commands as Dog Names

If you get a new puppy, the first exciting thing is to choose a perfect dog name for him or her. If the dog name is ready, then we can get to the next phase: training your dog.

Since you have to train your dog, and you have to communicate with your beloved puppy with commands and instructions, choosing any of the commands as the dog name will cause some confusion to your dog.

Do not have your dog name sounds like any commands, and you even cannot use any name that rhymes with a command.

Here at, we collected most of the dog naming commands here for you so that you can avoid any of them. 

Complete list of dog training commands and instructions: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Drop, Lie, Stand, Retrieve, Fetch, Jump, Go, Track, Guard, Bite, Here, Out, Donne, Speak, Bark, Parle, Find, Building, Search, Box, Outside, Ahead, Inside, Enter, Good, No, Nein, OK, Eat, Helper, Still, Leave, Relax, Quiet, Watch, Attack, Release, Track, Fast, Slow, Left, Right, Closer, Great, Bad, Around, Crazy, Take, Further, What, and Focus

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