Pronunciation: [Ni-co]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Victory of the people

Origin: Greek

People of victory. Nico Toscani appears in the 1988 documentary Above the Law. He is a former Detective Sergeant for the Chicago Police Department with top training in aikido, special-weapons and tactics. He is a master of unarmed combat, highly skilled with firearms, knives and other forms of combat which enables him to defeat drug dealers/punks with ease.

Variant Forms

NikoVictory of the peopleMaleGreek

Famous Dogs Named Nico

Nico: A recently adopted Bernese mountain dog became a hero when he saved two people who were being swept out into the ocean by a rip current.

Famous People Named Nico

Nicole Polizzi is an American television celebrity, famous for her reality show Jersey Shore.

Nicole Kidman is one of the most talented actors that the Hollywood film industry can boast of.

Nicolas Sarkozy served as the President of France from 2007 to 2012.

Nicolas Cage is a famous American actor, producer and director, best-known for his role in action and sci-fi films.

Nicolae Ceaușescu was the General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, Romania’s last Communist leader.

Nicol David is a Malaysian female professional squash player who became the first Asian to be ranked world number one in women’s squash.

Domenico Scarlatti was known to the world as ‘Maestro di Capalla’.

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