90 Awesome And Creative Celebrity Dog Names

Many celebrities are dog parents, for instance Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton. When coming up to dog names, names of celebrity dogs will be a cool source. Here comes our selection of 90 awesome and creative dog names owned by celebrities, along with the breed and owner. Feel free to choose your favorite name from the below list for your beloved boy or girl puppy.

Allegra: Poodle Terrier mix owned by Hugh Jackman.

Asia: French Bulldog owned by Lady Gaga.
Atticus: German Shepherd owned by Jake Gyllenhaal.
Bambi: Chihuahua owned by Paris Hilton.
Baylor: Siberian Husky mix owned by Selena Gomez.
Baxter: Labrador mix owned by Ryan Reynolds.
Bess: Mixed breed owned by Sienna Miller.
Bit Bit: Poodle mix owned by Brittany Spears.
Blu: Chihuahua owned by Paris Hilton.
Bo: Portuguese Water Dog owned by Barack Obama.
Buddy: Labrador owned by Bill Clinton.
Buddy: Maltese owned by Demi Lovato.
Charlie: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Hugh Hefner.
Chloe: German Shepherd owned by Lauren Conrad.
Coleman Hawkins: Mixed breed owned by Eric Stonestreet.
Daisy: Maltese-Toy Poodle owned by Jessica Simpson.
Dali: French Bulldog owned by Hugh Jackman.
Dot: Mixed breed owned by Zoey Deschanel.
Dozer: American Bulldog owned by Natalie Coughlin.
Elvis: Bulldog owned by Pink.
Emu: Shetland Sheepdog owned by Miley Cyrus.
Esmerelda: Labrador owned by Anne Hathaway.
Finn: Australian Shepherd mix owned by Amanda Seyfried.
Flossie: Chow Chow-Labrador mix owned by Drew Barrymore.
Francesca: French Bulldog owned by Martha Stewart.
Floyd: Alaskan Klee Kai owned by Miley Cyrus.
Foxy: Australian Cattle Dog owned by Matthew McConaughey.
Frankie: Yorkshire Terrier owned by Miranda Kerr.
Gary: Golden Retriever owned by Jimmy Fallon.
George: Great Dane owned by Jim Carrey.
Gertie: Chihuahua owned by Katherine Heigl.
Ghenghis Khan: Chow Chow owned by Martha Stewart.
Harley: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Julianne Hough.
Henry: Mixed breed owned by Debra Messing.
Hero: French Bulldog owned by Kelly Osbourne.
Honeychild: Shih Tzu owned by Nicole Richie.
Indo: Rottweiler owned by Will Smith.
Isaboo: Pit Bull owned by Rachael Ray.
Jinxy: Maltese owned by Eva Longoria.
Josie B: Shorkie owned by Kerry Washington.
Lauren: English Springer Spaniel owned by Oprah.
Lexi: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Julianne Hough.
Lola: Chihuahua owned by Hilary Duff.
Lola: Maltese owned by Alessandra Ambrosio.
Louie: Dachshund owned by Adele.
Lua: Pit Bull mix owned by Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen.
Lucky: Chihuahua owned by Brittany Spears.

Lupo: Black Cocker Spaniel owned by Kate Middleton and Prince William.
Mate: German Shepherd owned by Miley Cyrus.
Matzoball: Bulldog owned by Adam Sandler.
Meatball: Bulldog owned by Adam Sandler.
Meatloaf: Dachshund owned by Fergie.
Mimi LaRue: Pug owned by Tori Spelling.
Mona: Boxer owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Noodles: Pomeranian owned by Kelly Osbourne.
Norman: Corgi owned by Jennifer Aniston.
Oliver: Maltipoo owned by Rihanna.
Olympia: Pit Bull mix owned by Tony Azevedo.
Oprah: Pug owned by Eva Longoria.
Oprah Winfree: Miniature Schnauzer owned by 50 Cent.
Penny: Maltese-Toy Poodle owned by Blake Lively.
Penny:: French Bulldog owned by John Legend & Chrissy Teigen
Pippi: Unknown breed owned by Jennifer Lawrence.
Poppy: Chihuahua owned by Sandra Bullock.
Ruby: Mixed breed owned by Kaley Cuoco.
Ruby: Chihuahua owned by Sandra Bullock.
Saber: Boxer owned by Dizzy Grant.
Sadie: Cocker Spaniel owned by Oprah.
Sammy: Papillon owned by Justin Bieber.
Scarlet: French Bulldog owned by Victoria Beckham.
Shadow: Toy Poodle owned by Vanessa Hudgens.
Sharky: French Bulldog owned by Martha Stewart.
SheRa: Border Terrier owned by Natalie Coughlin.
Sherriff: Miniature Pinscher owned by Christina Ricci.
Sid: Pug owned by Jessica Alba.
Sid & Story: Pomeranians owned by Kelly Osbourne.
Sidi: Saluki mix owned by Orlando Bloom.
Sophie: Maltese-Toy Poodle owned by Miley Cyrus.
Sunny: Springer Spaniel owned by Oprah.
Sunny: Portuguese Water Dog owned by President Obama.
Thurman Murman: Mixed breed owned by Rachael Bilson.
Tiffany: Labrador mix owned by Joey Lawrence.
Tina: Pit Bull owned by Jessica Biel.
Tinkerbell: Chihuahua owned by Paris Hilton.
Tucker: Mixed breed owned by Charlize Theron.
Vida: Chihuahua owned by Demi Moore.
Wink: Jack Russell mix owned by Selma Blair.
Winston: Pomeranian owned by Gwen Stefani.
Zelda: Mixed breed owned by Zoey Deschanel.
Zoe: Dachshund owned by Fergie.

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