Pronunciation: [Ka-ley]

Gender: Unisex

Meaning: Descendant of Caollaidhe

Origin: Gaelic

Variant Forms

CaleighDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
CaliMost beautifulFemaleEnglish
CayleighDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
KaileeVariant Of Kay And Kayla Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.FemaleEnglish
KaileyDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
KailiName Of A DeityFemaleEnglish
KaleiThe wreath of flowersUnisexHawaiian
KaleighDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
KalieVariant Of Kay And Kayla Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.FemaleGaelic
KallieThe most beautifulFemaleGreek
KayleighDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
KayleyDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic
KayliVariant Of Kay And Kayla Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.FemaleEnglish
KaylieDescendant of CaollaidheFemaleGaelic

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