Pronunciation: [Hen-ry]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Home ruler

Origin: Germanic

The name of eight kings of England, this means "home ruler." There are countless amount of King Henrys throughout history, there are also many political leaders from the world named Henry. It was also the inspiration for some of Shakespeare's plays.

Variant Forms

EnricoHome rulerMaleGermanic
EnriqueHome rulerMaleGermanic
HalLeader of an armyMaleEnglish
HankGod is graciousMaleHebrew
HarryHome rulerMaleGermanic
HeinzHome rulerMaleGermanic
HenningHome rulerMaleGermanic
HenriHome rulerMaleGermanic
HenrikHome rulerMaleGermanic

Famous Dogs Named Henry

Henry: Basset Hound dog from Emergency!, lived on the sofa in the station.

Famous People Named Henry

William Henry Harrison was a brave Army man who went on to become the President of the United States.

Thierry Henry is a retired French footballer and is a record goalscorer for France.

Richard Henry Dana, Jr. was an American lawyer, writer and social activist.

Patrick Henry was an American politician, orator and a revolutionary leader who brought Virginian independence in the 1770s.

Matthew Henry was an English Presbyterian minister.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the most famous American poet of his times.

Henry Van Dyke was an American writer famous for his religious writings and literary criticisms.

Henry Tayali was a Zambian fine artist and sculptor.

Henry Rollins is a musician and writer who formed the Rollins Band.

Henry Purcell was a 17th century English musician and composer.

Henry Ossawa Tanner was a renowned African American painter.

Henry Moore was a sculptor and artist best known for his abstract bronze sculptures.

Henry Mancini was the multi-faceted composer, conductor and arranger, who is a name to reckon with in the realms of music.

Henry Kissinger is a German-born American diplomat, bureaucrat and a Nobel Prize winner.

Henry Gray was an English anatomist, who authored the famous book ‘Gray’s Anatomy’.

Henry Graham Greene was one of the most-acclaimed English writers.

Henry George was an American Economist who was an influential political figure.

Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motors Company, who had brought a revolution in the automobile industry.

Henry Adams was a well known American academician.

Alexander Henry The Elder was a merchant of British origin who was one of the pioneers of the British-Canadian fur trade.

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