Pronunciation: [Har-vey]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Battle worthy or carnage worthy

Origin: English

The name Harvey is strong and masculine, and it means "eager for battle; strong and worthy". In the movie "Harvey", Jimmy Stewart was upstaged by a giant invisible rabbit.

Variant Forms

HerveBattle worthy or carnage worthyMaleBreton

Famous Dogs Named Harvey

Harvey: Golden Retriver Elliot’s dog in the 1982 science fiction movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Famous People Named Harvey

William Harvey was a famous physician who described the circulation of the blood across the body, in detail.

Paul Harvey was a radio broadcaster best known for his ‘The Rest of the Story’ segment.

Lee Harvey Oswald is the accused assassin of the 35th US President John F.

Hawley Harvey Crippen was an ear and eye specialist and the first criminal to be caught with the aid of wireless communication.

Harvey Williams Cushing is known as the father of ‘modern neurosurgery’.

Harvey Milk was America’s first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California.

Harvey Fierstein is an American playwright, actor and a gay rights activist.

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