42 Boxer Dog Names Owned By Celebrities

Boxers are busy dogs, and people that own boxers are known to live an extremely playful life. If you are looking for some famous boxer dog names for your male or female puppies, just check out the below list for dozens of celebrity boxer dog names.

Ali: Jorja Fox.

Barnaby: Andy Williams.
Ben: Steffi Graf.
Bogie: Louis Bromfield.
Bonny: Alan Langer.
Brennen: Justin Timberlake.
Buckley: Justin Timberlake.
Buddy: Bobby Hamilton.
Caesar: George Clooney.
Ceasar: Shirley McClaine.
Chuck: Luke Perry.
Cindy: Diane Fossey.
Clyde: Alan Langer.
Dobbs: Lynn Strait.
Flic: Dorothy Parker.
Gangster: Sylvester Stallone.
George: Frankie Dettori.
Harvey: Humphrey Bogart.
Hemingway: Pete Wentz.
Jan: Pablo Picasso.
Jezebell: Alan Ladd.
Jim: Sir Harry Secombe.
Jj: Hugh Jackman.
Keeper: Emily Bronte.
Killer: Dale Earnhardt.
Lizzie: Nick Saban.
Lola: Sean Lowe.
Lucy: Jodie Foster.
Meesha: Lauren Bacall.

Mister: Billie Holiday.
Mr. pet: Nat King Cole.
Nita: Rick Springfield.
Orphin: Dedee Pfeiffer.
Ozzie: Zachery Ty Bryan.
Paddy: Max Walker.
Penny: Stanley Coren.
Phantom: David Niven.
Rocky: Kim Kardashian.
Rudge: Andy Williams.
Shane: Jordan Knight.
Sunshine: Aishwarya Rai.
Yoda: Lauren Bacall.

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