Pronunciation: [Fre-de-rick]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Peaceful ruler

Origin: Germanic

Frederick is a strong name, and it means "peaceful ruler". The name was brought by the Hunoverian kings to Britain. An interesting contemporary variant is used by actor Fredro Starr.

Variant Forms

EricEternal rulerMaleNorse
ErichEternal rulerMaleNorse
ErickEternal rulerMaleNorse
ErikEternal rulerMaleNorse
ErykEver Powerful RulerMalePolish
FedericoPeaceful rulerMaleGerman
FredPeaceful rulerMaleGermanic
FreddiePeaceful rulerMaleGerman
FreddyPeaceful rulerMaleGerman
FredrickPeaceful rulerMaleGerman
FritzPeaceful rulerMaleGerman
FritziPeaceful RulerFemaleEnglish
RichWell built, hardyMaleFrench
RickStrong powerMaleFrench
RickeyStrong powerMaleFrench
RickyStrong powerMaleFrench
RikkiStrong powerFemaleFrench

Famous People Named Frederick

Frederick Douglass was a slave turned social reformer.

Frederick Delius was an English composer.

Frederick Buechner is an eminent American theologian and writer.

Frederick Banting made history with the discovery of Insulin.

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