Lotus Dog Names, Names Inspired By Lotus Flower

Lotus Dog NamesThe lotus flower is beautiful, and it always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond. It has been assoicated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism respectively. The ancient Egyptians associated the lotus flower to rebirth and the sun. When coming up to dog names, you could choose lotus-inspired names for your boy or girl puppies. Arvind, Lotus, Kamala, Sadira, Kamal, Keva, and Zuza have the meaning of lotus in English, Indian, or other languages.

ArvindRed lotusMaleSanskrit
KamalaBorn of the lotusFemaleSanskrit
KamleshLotus creatorMaleIndian
KumudEarth's delighterFemaleSanskrit
KunalLotus FlowerMaleHindu
LianUnisexual Name Meaning "The Graceful Willow"FemaleLatin
MrinalRoot of the lotusFemaleSanskrit
MrinaliniCollection of lotusesFemaleSanskrit
NalinLotus FlowerUnisexHindu
NaliniLike the lotusFemaleSanskrit
NeerjaLotus BlossomFemaleHindu
NirajPrecious gemMaleIndian
PadmakarA pack of lotusesMaleIndian
PundarikThe (white) lotusMaleSanskrit
RenWater lilyFemaleJapanese
SarojinLike lotusMaleIndian
ZuzaLily or lotusFemalePolish
ZuzanaLily or lotusFemalePolish

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