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Human Dog NamesIt is a good idea to name your dog with the human dog names, because sometimes we take our dogs as part of the family. It is kind of ridiculous when a dog has a human name. If you want a human name for your dog, I believe this list will give you some great ideas.

AbrahamFather of a multitude or many nationsMaleHebrew
AdelinaNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AdolfinaNoble wolfFemaleEnglish
AdrianaFrom HadriaFemaleLatin
AlastairDefending menMaleGreek
AlexDefending menUnisexGreek
AlexanderDefending menMaleGreek
AlexandraDefending menFemaleGreek
AlexandreaDefending menFemaleGreek
AlexandriaDefending menFemaleGreek
AlfieWise counselorUnisexEnglish
AllieGreatest. A Variant Of Allah - The Supreme Being In The Muslim Faith.FemaleEnglish
AloysiusFame and warMaleGermanic
AndreaMan, warriorUnisexGreek
AngelicaOf the angelsFemaleLatin
AngusOne choiceMaleGaelic
ArchibaldPrecious or true and boldMaleGermanic
ArchieValuable: Bold.MaleEnglish
ArniePowerful eagleMaleEnglish
ArnoldPowerful eagleMaleGermanic
AtlasNot enduringUnisexGreek
BaldwinBrave friendMaleGermanic

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