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EthanStrong, firm, impetuousMaleHebrew
EvanGod is graciousMaleHebrew
EverettStrong as a wild boarMaleGermanic
FredPeaceful rulerMaleGermanic
GusFrom Gustave - Staff of the GothsMaleEnglish
GwenWhite, fair, blessedFemaleWelsh
HaileeHay clearing or hay woodsFemaleEnglish
HaileyHay clearing or hay woodsFemaleEnglish
HalilHonorable comradeMaleArabic
HarryHome rulerMaleGermanic
HilliardMagnificant in battleUnisexGermanic
IrvinGreen waterMaleEnglish
IrvingGreen waterMaleEnglish
JackGod is graciousMaleHebrew
JacksonJack's sonMaleEnglish
JebVariant Of Jedidiah.MaleHebrew
JebediahBeloved FriendMaleHebrew
JedidiahFriend of GodMaleHebrew
JeffGod's peaceMaleGermanic
JewelPrecious stoneFemaleEnglish
JoeHe will enlargeMaleHebrew
JoshuaGod rescuesMaleHebrew
KaelUncertain, perhaps slenderMaleGaelic
KahlilHonorable comradeMaleArabic

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