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LukinaGraceful And BrightFemaleEnglish
MaiOcean or eleganceFemaleChinese
MaisyPearl. Variant Of Margaret.UnisexEnglish
MeiThe youngest of sistersFemaleChinese
MerielBright as the seaFemaleGaelic
MerrillBright as the seaMaleGaelic
MerylBright as the seaUnisexGaelic
MiaUncertain, maybe bitterFemaleHebrew
MikaBeautiful smellFemaleJapanese
MinQuick, sensitiveFemaleChinese
MinhIntelligent, cleverMaleVietnamese
MochaCoffee of high quality.UnisexEnglish
MorganUncertain, perhaps bright seaFemaleWelsh
MurielBright as the seaFemaleGaelic
NarellaBright OneFemaleGreek
NellieAbbreviation Of Eleanor Shining Light.FemaleEnglish
NorbertaBright north, famous northFemaleGermanic
NoreenVariant Of Nora Light:HonorFemaleGaelic
Nuray"Moonlight, Light Of Moon, Or Light Moon."FemaleEnglish
ObertFamous for his inheritanceUnisexGermanic
OliverElf armyMaleFrench
OreoAmerican cookie brand consisting of two chocolate wafers with white cream filling.UnisexEnglish
OrlandaFamous countryFemaleGermanic

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