Beauty and the Beast Dog Names, Names Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Dog NamesBeauty and the Beast is one of the most iconic love stories in fairy tale history. It is an enchanting tale with sweeping romance and beautiful lessons learned by the two main characters, Belle and the Beast. If you like the fairy tale, you could name your male or female puppies after one of the characters from Beauty and the Beast. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your canines.

BabetteMy God is a vowFemaleHebrew
ChipFree manMaleGerman
DanielGod is my judgeMaleHebrew
EwanBorn from the yew treeMaleGaelic
FifiHe will enlargeFemaleHebrew
GastonUncertain, perhaps outsiderMaleFrench
JeanneGod is graciousFemaleHebrew
KevinBeautiful at birthMaleGaelic
LukeMan from LucaniaMaleGreek
PrinceRoyal sonMaleEnglish
StanleyMeadow that is stonyMaleEnglish

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