Reasons To Choose The Name Lucky Or Not

Lucky is a good dog name, it works for either gender, and it's hard to say it is best suited for a boy dog or a girl dog. The name Lucky has a lovely sound and it means having good fortune or bringing good luck.

"Lucky" is the name of a Bulgarian town, which is situated in the west part of the Rodopi mountains, Lucky is near the town of Chepelare, one of the famous ski towns in Bulgaria. Lucky is one of the adorable puppies from Disneys 101 Dalmatians. Lucky is also used in a series of Jackie Collins books with the main character being Lucky Santangelo.

Although the name Lucky has great meanings, some people think it fits a dog but not a human being. They think the name conjures up images of a cheesy, sleazy, card-shark sort of guy. For that reason, they think the name can seriously jinx a person. Some people think the name Lucky is goofy and infantile, it would simply lead to stupid jokes about being lucky. The name Lucky also make you thinking of the Britney Spears song, which is a good song but kind of sad, and that annoying leprechaun from the Lucky Charms commercials. Some people think Lucky is an adjective and it's not a good formal first name, but it could be a cute nickname for the name Felix.

For my opinion, I think Lucky is still a good dog name, it's still in the most popular male dog names list, that proves everything. Whether it's a lucky name or stupid name, it just depends you. So if you like the name Lucky, just feel free to choose it for your beloved puppy name.

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