Welsh Dog Names: 300 Traditional Welsh Girl Names

Are you looking for some traditional names in Wales? Here comes the list. Our collection of traditional Welsh girl names will provide you the best options for Welsh female dog names. You will surely love these Welsh dog names with great meanings.

Addfwyn: Meek, gentle, mild.

Aderyn: Bird.
Adlais: Echo.
Adwen: White, holy, blessed.
Aelwen: White brow.
Aerfen: A Celtic river goddess.
Aeron: A Celtic war-god whose name means slaughter.
Alaw: The name of a river in Anglesley.
Aldyth: Old battle.
Alwen: The name of a river in Clwyd.
Alys: Noble.
Amranwen: White eyelid.
Aneira: gold.
Anest: The name of a 12th century princess.
Angharad: Loved one.
Ann: Favor, grace.
Anna: Favor, grace.
Anwen: White, holy.
Annwr: Very golden.
Annwyl: Beloved, dear.
Arddun: Beautiful, sublime.
Arianell: Silver.
Arianrhod: A Celtic goddess associated with the moon, beauty, poetry and inspiration.
Arianwen: The name of an early saint.
Arwen: Noble maiden.
Aurddolen: Gold ring.
Auron: Mountain of strength.
Awela: Breeze.
Awena: Muse.
Banwen: White peak.
Beca: Captivating.
Berwen: Friend of the harvest.
Bethan: God has Promised.
Beti: She who brings happiness.
Betrys: Welsh form of Beatrice.
Blodeuedd: Flower faced.
Blodwedd: Flowers.
Blodwen: White, pure and flower.
Branwen: Beautiful raven.
Brengwain: The handmaiden of Esyllt in the legend of Trystan and Esyllt.
Briallen: Primrose.
Brisen: A sorceress in Arthurian legend.
Buddug: Victory.
Cadi: Pure.
Cain: Fair, beautiful.
Calan: Slender.
Canaid: Song.
Caron: Love.
Caronwen: Holy, white, pure.
Carwen: Holy, white, pure.
Caryl: Man.
Carys: Love.
Catrin: Pure.
Ceindeg: Beautiful and fair.
Ceindrych: Beautiful appearance.
Ceinfryn: Beautiful hill.
Ceinwen: Blessed and beautiful.
Ceirios: Cherries.
Ceri: The name of a river in Dyfed.
Ceridwen: The Welsh goddess of poetic inspiration.
Cerys: Love.
Collwen: The name of an early saint.
Creuddylad: Engenderer of water.
Crisiant: Crystal, bright.
Crystyn: Christian.
Cyffin: The name of numerous streams in Wales.
Daron: Oak tree.
Deilwen: White leaf.
Del: Pretty.
Delun: Pretty one.
Delwen: Neat and fair.
Delyn: Harp.
Delyth: Pretty girl.
Deris: Oak tree.
Derwena: Oak tree.
Deryn: Bird.
Deryth: Oak tree.
Dilwen: Honeycomb.
Dilys: Sincere, genuine.
Drudwen: Starling, precious.
Drysi: Thorns, briars.
Dwyfor: The name of a river.
Dwynwen: Wave.
Dwyryd: Two fords.
Dwysan: Profound.
Dyddanwy: Delight.
Dyddgu: Beloved.
Dyfi: Dark, black.
Ebrill: April.
Edwy: The name of a river in Wales.
Efa: Life.
Eigra: Maid.
Eilir: Butterfly.
Eilonwy: Second.
Eilwen: White-browed.
Eira: Snow.
Eirian: Shining, bright.
Eirianwen: Shining, bright.
Eirianedd: Shining, bright.
Eiriol: Snow.
Eirlys: Snowdrop.
Eirwen: Snow-white.
Eirys: Iris.
Elan: From the name of a river.
Elain: A fawn.
Elen: Sun ray.
Elenid: Place name.
Eleri: The name of a river.
Elinor: Shining light.
Elisabeth: God is satisfaction.
Elli: Devoted to God.
Elliw: Color.
Eluned: Idol, image
Enfys: Rainbow.
Enid: Soul, life.
Eos: A nightingale.
Erin: Welsh word for Ireland.
Eryl: Place of outlook.
Esyllt: The legendary lover of Tristyn in the tale of Tristyn and Isolde.
Ethni: Kernal or gorse.
Euron: Golden.
Eurddolyn: Gold ring.
Eurwen: Gold and white.
Ewig: Roe deer.
Faleiry: Strong.
Ffion: Rose or foxglove finger.
Fflur: Flowers.
Ffraid: Exalted one.
Fioled: Violet.
Gaenor: Son of the blond man.
Geinor: White and smooth, soft.
Generys: the name of a 12th century poet-prince.
Glenda: Clean, holy and good.
Glenys: Clean, pure, holy.
Glesni: Blueness, freshness.
Glynis: Clean valley.
Goleubryd: Light appearance.
Goleudydd: Light day.
Grug: Heather.
Gwawr: Dawn.
Gwawrddydd: Dawn of day.
Gwawrwen: White dawn.
Gwen: White, fair, blessed.
Gwenda: Fair and good.
Gwenddydd: White day.
Gwendolen: White ring.

Gwener: Goddess of love.
Gwenfair: White, fair.
Gwenfor: White and great.
Gwenfrewi: White reconciliation.
Gwenhwyfar: White and smooth.
Gwenith: Wheat.
Gwenllian: White flaxen.
Gwenlyn: White hill.
Gwennan: White, blessed.
Gwennant: White stream.
Gwennol: Swallow.
Gwenol: Smiling.
Gwenydd: Morning star.
Gwenynan: Bee.
Gwerful: Completely shy.
Gwernfyl: Alder tree.
Gwlithen: Dewdrop.
Gwyddfid: Honeysuckle.
Gwladys: Lame.
Gwylan: Seagull.
Gwylfai: May festival.
Gwyneth: Blessed, happy.
Gwynonwen: Lily of the valley.
Haf: Summer.
Hafgan: Summer song.
Hafren: Derived from the original name of the severn river in england.
Hafwen: Summer blessed.
Heddwen: Peaceful.
Hedydd: Skylark.
Heini: Spritely, active.
Heledd: Good wound.
Heulwen: Sunshine.
Heulyn: Ray of sun.
Hydref: October, autumn.
Hywela: Eminent.
Iarlles: Countess.
Idanwen: White corn.
Ifanwy: Fine, rare.
Ilar: Cheerful.
Iona: Blessed.
Ionor: January.
Iorwen: Fair, blessed lady.
Iseult: Beautiful to look at.
Ithela: Lord generous.
Leri: Bringer of good news.
Lili: Lily.
Lilwen: White lily.
Liwsi: Light.
Lleucu: Light.
Llian: Flaxen.
Llinos: Linnet.
Llio: Beautiful.
Lodes: Maiden.
Lowri: Laurels.
Luned: Idol, image.
Lyneth: Likeness, image, idol.
Lynfa: Vale place.
Lynwen: Fair image.
Mabli: Loveable.
Madlen: Woman from Magdala.
Maelona: Prince.
Maelorwen: White prince.
Mai: The month of May.
Mair: Bitter.
Mallt: Mighty in battle.
Manon: Queen, most beautiful.
Marged: Pearl.
Medeni: Born in September.
Medi: September.
Medwen: Faithful friend.
Mefin: June.
Megan: Pearl.
Meinwen: Slender and white.
Meirionwen: White Meirion.
Melangell: Sweet angel.
Meleri: An early saint.
Meudwen: Blessed hermit.
Modron: Celtic goddess, great Mother.
Modwen: Maiden.
Moelwen: White hill.
Mold: Diminutive form of Matilda.
Mona: Anglesey Island.
Morforwyn: Mermaid.
Morfudd: Great victory.
Morwen: White sea.
Mwyndeg: Gentle pretty.
Mwynen: Gentle.
Myfanwy: My fine one.
Nan: Grace.
Nans: Form of Nancy.
Nant: Stream.
Nefyn: A pious woman.
Nerys: Lordly.
Nest: Pure, holy.
Nia: Radiance, brightness, beauty.
Non: Nun.
Olwen: White footprint.
Owena: Well bred.
Perl: Pearl.
Rebeca: Captivating; knotted cord.
Rhagnell: The name of an 11th century princess.
Rhedyn: Fern.
Rhiain: Maiden.
Rhiangar: Maiden love.
Rhiannon: Divine queen.
Rhianwen: White maiden.
Rhianydd: Maiden.
Rhondda: Slender.
Rhonwen: Slender, fair.
Rhosan: Shining, splendid.
Rhoslyn: Moor pool.
Rhunedd: Grand.
Rowena: Famous friend.
Sara: Princess.
Seirial: Cheerful.
Seirian: Sparkling.
Seren: Star.
Sian: God's gracious gift.
Sidan: Silk.
Sioned: God is gracious.
Siriol: Cheerful.
Siwan: Welsh form of Joan.
Siwsan: Lily or rose.
Sulian: Little dark eyed one.
Sulwen: White sun.
Surwen: Charming, magical.
Tafwys: Welsh name for the river Thames.
Tangwen: White peace.
Tangwystl: Peace pledge.
Tanwen: White fire.
Taryn: Rocky hill.
Tegan: Beautiful.
Tegeirian: Pretty, beautiful.
Tegfedd: Pretty, beautiful.
Tegwedd: Beautiful appearance.
Tegwen: Pretty, beautiful.
Tegyd: Beautiful doe.
Teiddwen: White desirous.
Teifi: The name of a river in Wales.
Telaid: Beautiful.
Teleri: The name of a river in Wales.
Telyn: Harp.
Tesni: Warmth.
Tirion: Gentle, happy.
Tonwen: White wave.
Tudful: The name of a 5th century saint.
Undeg: Fair one.
Wena: Short form of Morwenna & Awena.

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