70 Beautiful Hindu Names For Pretty Girl Dogs

Hindu names are unique and meaningful, it will be great to giving your male or female puppies with Hindu names. Here comes our selection of 70 short Hindu names for pretty girl dogs. These Hindu names are short and simple, the most important thing is that they have great meanings. Check out the complete list of pretty Hindu girl dog names.

Aasha: Hope, aspiration.

Aashi: Smile.
Aashirya: From the land of God.
Abani: Earth.
Abha: Lustrous beauty.
Abhilasha: Ambition or desire.
Adrika: Celestial.
Akshita: Wonder girl.
Akuti: Princess.
Alisha: Protected by God.
Ambar: The sky.
Amodini: Joyful, pleasurable.
Amolika: Priceless.
Anahita: Graceful.
Anala: Fiery, sizzling.
Angarika: A flame coloured flower named palash.
Anika: Goddess Durga.
Anila: Wind.
Anshula: Sunny.
Anura: Knowledgeable.
Aruna: Dawn, sunrise.
Bala: A young girl.
Basanti: Spring.
Bela: Jasmine flower.
Bilwa: Auspicious fruit
Chanda: Moon, great goddess.
Charvi: Lovely, a beautiful woman.
Chatura: Smart, wise.
Dakshi: The glorious.
Devani: Shining celestial goddess.
Dhana: Wealthy.
Dulari: Dear one, beloved.
Elakshi: A woman with intelligent eyes.
Esha: Goddess Parvati, purity, desire.
Eshana: Wish, desire, search.
Eshita: One who desires.
Gita: The hindu holy book.

Harita: Green.
Heema: Gold.
Jaimini: Victory.
Jaya: Victory, victorious, Goddess Durga.
Kali: The great Goddess, a form of Durga, Maa Kali.
Kalinda: The sea.
Kama: The golden one, love.
Lalita: Beautifull lady, elegant, a form of Durga.
Lavanya: Grace, beauty.
Laxmi: Goddess of wealth, fortunate, wife of Lord Vishnu.
Leela: Playful, divine drama.
Madhuri: Sweetness.
Malti: A jasmine flower.
Mani: Gem, A jewel.
Manisha: Intellect, desire, wish.
Mohana: Attractive.
Mohini: Most beautiful.
Nalini: Lotus, mother of the Vedas, Goddess Gayatri.
Nikita: Victorious, unconquered, earth, ganges.
Padma: A lotus.
Rita: Brave, honest.
Sanya: Born on saturday.
Sarisha: Charming.
Sarla: Honest, straight forward.
Shanti: Peace, The tranquil one.
Shashi: Moon.
Sitara: Morning star.
Smita: Smile, ever smiling lady.
Suma: Flower.
Tara: Star, wife of Lord Brihaspati.
Trisha: Wish, desire, thirst.
Usha: Morning, dawn, sun rise.
Veda: Understanding, wisdom and knowledge.

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