45 Most Popular Muslim Dog Names For Your Puppies

Muslim dog parents usually want a name that has a positive meaning and often, one that confirms their faith. Mohammed is the most popular boy names among Muslim parents around the world, and Fatima may be the most popular Muslim girl name. Check out our selection of interesting Muslim names for your male or female puppies.

[Muslim Boy Puppy Names]

Abdullah: Servant of Allah.

Adam: The first human God created.
Ahmad: Praiseworthy.
Ali: Sublime, exalted.
Aqil: Wise.
Ayaan: Era, epoch, age.
Daniel: God is my judge.
Danish: Clever, merciful, foreseeing.
Hamza: Firm, cute, name of the Prophet’s uncle.
Haziq: Skillful, intellingent.
Kiaan: Existence, being, essence.
Mohammed: Name of the Prophet, a person with many virtues.
Omar: Life, long living, name of the Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khatab.
Rayyan: Gate of heaven.
Rehaan: Fragrance, sweet scented herb.
Rishaan: Good person.
Samar: Evening conversations.
Syed: Honourable.
Umar: Life, long living, name of the Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khatab.
Yasin: A Prophet that has a chapter in the Quran under his name.
Youssef: Influential, powerful. Name of the prophet Youssef, son of the prophet Jacob.
Zikri: Remembrance of Allah.

[Muslim Girl Puppy Names]

Aaliya: Noble, highest, to ascend.

Adelia: Noble.
Aishah: Name of one of the Prophet's wife, lively, woman.
Aleena: Delicate, soft.
Alicia: Noble, light.
Alya: Heaven, noble, exhalted.
Ayesha: Name of one of the Prophet's wife, lively, woman.
Damia: Benefaction.
Fathima: Name of the Prophet's daughter.
Hannah: Happiness.
Jana: Gift from God.
Joury: The red rose.
Lian: Soft and tender.
Malak: Angel.
Mariam: Mother of Jesus.
Mayar: The sun's reflection on the moon, a person who brings welfare.
Nor: Light.
Salma: Peace.
Samaira: Enchanting.
Sana: To shine, to glow, brilliance.
Sara: Pure, happy.
Sophia: Wisdom.
Zahra: Radiant, shining, flower.

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