40 Unusual Dog Names That Mean Night

Night is dark, mysterious and beautiful. When coming up to dog names, you could get inspirations from the night sky. Here comes our selection of 40 boy puppy names and girl puppy names referring to night. These unusual dog names have the meaning of night in various origins and cultures around the world, and they make good names for your little puppies.

Girl Names That Mean Night

Ahalya: Indian name meaning "night."

Arundhati: Indian name meaning "Goddess of the sky, stars and night time."
Hypermnestra: Greek name meaning "fefused to kill her husband on their wedding night."
Laila: Danish name meaning "night, dark beauty."
Laili: Hebrew name meaning "nightfall."
Lailie: Hebrew name meaning "nightfall."
Layla: Arabic name meaning "night."
Laylie: Hebrew name meaning "nightfall."
Leil: African name meaning "born at night."
Leila: Arabic name meaning "born at night."
Leilah: Arabic name meaning "born at night."
Lela: Arabic name meaning "born at night."
Leyla: Arabic name meaning "born at night."
Lila: Arabic name meaning "night."
Lilith: Akkadian word meaning "of the night."
Nisha: Sanskrit name meaning "night."
Nyx: Greek name meaning "Greek goddess of night."
Philomela: Greek name meaning "nightingale."
Puengi: Chamoru name meaning "night."
Samar: Arabic name meaning "conversations at night."
Shahrazad: Arabic name meaning "teller of "tales of 1,001 nights"
Twila: Morning star.
Twyla: Morning star.
Vesper: Evening star.
Yamini: Sanskrit name meaning "night."

Boy Names That Mean Night

Aymaya: Japanese name meaning "night rain."

Boulboul: Arabic name meaning "nightingale."
Daren: African name meaning "born at night."
Knight: English name meaning "noble, soldier."
Midnight: Intense darkness, the middle of the night.
Nikta: Greek name meaning "night."
Nox: Latin name meaning "night."
Oidhche: Scottish name meaning "night."
Othieno: African name meaning "born at night."
Otieno: African name meaning "given life at night."
Rajanikant: Sanskrit name meaning "beloved of the night."
Ratri: Sanskrit name meaning "night."
Sariyah: Arabic name meaning "clouds at night."
Siraj-Al-Leil: Arabic name meaning "night lamp."
Yiska: Native American Navajo name meaning "the night has passed."

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