40 Unique Puppy Names Come From Alaska

There are lots of dog breeds originating in Alaskan and Northern earth, for instance Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Klee Kai, Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, and Siberian Husky etc. There are also several native Alaskan languages, you could give your Alaskan dog with a native dog name. Alaskan dog names have the special meanings, and they are absolutely unique to us because they come from different languages and cultures. Check out these 40 unique dog names from Alaska for your beloved dogs.

Aiyana: Flowering bloom.

Akiak: Brave.
Akira: Intelligent.
Amaguq: Wolf.
Anana: Beautiful.
Ataneq: King.
Balto: Baal protect the king.
Chinook: Warm wind.
Cikuq: Ice.
Cupun: Coal.
Desna: Boss.
Kanook: Spirit of the wolf.
Kapik: Coffee.
Kaskae: Chief.
Kaya: Stay and don't go back.
Keyush: Bear cub.
Koko: Chocolate.

Miki: Little.
Miska: Little bear.
Nanook: Cute or kind.
Nao: Honest.
Nanuk: Polar bear.
Nilak: Chipped ice.
Nini: Porcupine.
Nukka: Little sister.
Pamiiruq: Wags his tail.
Pukiq: Smart.
Qannik: Snowflake.
Saghani: Raven.
Sesi: Snow.
Shika: Gentle deer.
Shila: Flame.
Shtiya: My strength.
Siku: Also means ice.
Sos: Bear.
Suka: Fast.
Tikaani: Wolf.
Tupit: One with lines on his face.
Ulva: Wolf.
Yuralria: Dancing one.

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