28 Fictional Great Dane Dog Names After Famous Characters

Naming your Great Dane puppies is not difficult, and you could choose the name inspired by those fictional Great Dane characters from films, TV series, and comic strips. Here comes a list of 28 famous Great Dane dog names after stars in Great Dane movies and others.

Arthur: Great Dane from Beaches.

Astro: Elroy's dog from the beloved Jetson's cartoon series.
Baby: Great Dane from Bruno Aka The Dress Code.
Brometheus: A fawn Great Dane from the film A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood.
Chestnut: Great Dane from Chestnut: Hero Of Central Park.
Chin up: A fawn Great Dane from Blondie In Society.
Cuddles: Pet Great Dane from the film Dig That Dog.
Danny: Great Dane from 101 Dalmatians.
Duke: A large Great Dane from Bathing Beauty.
Elmer: A Great Dane in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit by Walter Lantz.
Fluffy: The Great Dane named Prince from Country Gentlemen is also called Fluffy.
Jaws: a Harlequin Great Dane from Beethoven's 2nd.
King: A black Great Dane from Easy Money.
Llandro: A pet fawn Great Dane from the film The Burbs.
Marmaduke: Great Dane from the newspaper comic strip Marmaduke drawn by Brad Anderson.
Peewee: A heavily marked Harlequin male Great Dane from Breakfast For Two.
Petrasche: Great Dane from Boy Of Flanders.
Prince dansker: Harlequin Great Dane from the film Death Of A Champion.

Prince: Great Dane from the film Country Gentlemen.
Rrutus: A fawn Great Dane from Face of Marble.
Rufus: A Great Dane from the film Doctor Dolittle.
Scooby-doo: Great Dane from Aloha, Scoopy-Doo.
Tao: Great Dane from Back To God's Country.
Teddy: A lightly marked Brindle Great Dane from The Extra Girl.
Trigger: A merle Great Dane from Eating Raoul.
Turk: Great Dane from Disney movie The Swiss Family Robinson.
Victor barky: A fawn Great Dane from Dog Tales.
Wapi: The son of Tao in the film Back To God's Country.

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