40 Unusual Dog Names Inspired By Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a very important holiday in the United States, and it is associated with delicious food and family gatherings. It is also a time to count your blessings and share your gratitude with those you care about the most. If you have a puppy due around this special holiday, you could consider naming him or her after one of these awesome Thanksgiving dog names.

Aimon: French name means "Home." This name symbolizes the soul of the holiday.

America: A strong name for a girl and was made famous by the actress of America Ferrera, the star of "Ugly Betty."
Apple: Sweet, wholesome, cute and red.
Asante: African boy name meaning "thank you."
Asher: Happy and blessed.
Autumn: Mild temperature, exquisite colors, pumpkins and Thanksgiving.
Berry: Traditional fruit-themed name, symbolic of fertility.
Catori: Native American name for girls that means "spirit."
Charmaine: French name means "bountiful orchard."
Cherokee: One of the largest American Indian tribes.
Cheyenne: One of the Algonquian tribes of the Great Plains in America.
Chutney: This name has a great affection towards creativity, beauty and domestic activities of life.
Cinnamon: Warm spice adds sweetness and spice to everything we cook.
Dakota: The tribes of the northern Plains Indians, more commonly known as Lakota and Sioux.
Demetria: The Greek goddess of harvest.
Farmer: Rare and unusual name, but depicts honesty, hard work and wholesome living.
Ginger: A form of Virginia.
Grace: Classic name originates from the virtue of grace. It's simple, pure and classy.

Hazel: American baby name means commander.
Hunter: a very strong, manly name.
Jadon: Hebrew name means thankful.
Jendayi: Egyptian name means "thankful."
Jonathan: Traditional name means "God has given."
Kuron: African name simply means "thanks."
Maize: Latin name for corn, a food that is a staple for most Thanksgiving dinners.
Matteo: Spanish name means "gift of God."
May: A nice short version for Mayflower, also the Greek goddess of Spring.
Mercy: Beautiful name means compassion, and it fits right with the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Oceanus: Oceanus Hopkins was the first and only child that was born on the Mayflower ship as it made its way to America.
Pepper: Perfect for your feisty baby.
Pilgrim: Traveler; wanderer.
Prudence: Puritan name meaning prudent.
Pumpkin: This traditional vegetable are requisite of the holiday, and they are cute, round and sweet.
Rain: Abundant blessings from above.
River: A natural beauty and wonder.
Rosemary: One of the many savory spices used to cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal.
Ruby: Ruby reds, bright oranges, and stunning yellows.
Samoset: One of the Native Americans present at the very first Thanksgiving celebrations. A variant of this Native American name is "Sam."
Shakira: Arabic name means thankful.
William: William Bradford was one of the men who travelled to America on the Mayflower.

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