24 Female Dog Names Mean Sister

Dogs are our best friends and companions, and sometimes we even think they are our buddies and sisters. So, choosing a name meaning sisters for your female puppy should be a cool idea. Check out our collection of sister dog names, all of the names have the meaning of sister in various origins around the world.

Adelfa: English name meaning "dear sister."

Adelpha: Greek name meaning "dear sister."
Adelphe: Greek name meaning "dear sister."
Adelphia: Latin name meaning "sister."
Adelphie: Greek name meaning "dear sister."
Akia: Arabic name meaning "sister."
Aneko: Japanese name meaning "older sister."
Delphia: English name meaning "sibling."
Freira: Spanish name meaning "sister."
Hean: American name meaning "sister."
Kay: Native American Hopi name meaning "elder sister."
Kaya: Native American Hopi name meaning "elder sister."
Kissa: Egyptian name meaning "sister of twins."
Mei: Chinese name meaning "younger sister."
Minya: American name meaning "older sister."

Nuka: Native American Greenlandic name meaning "younger sibling."
Numees: Native American Algonquin name meaning "sister."
Shadi: Native American Navajo name meaning "older sister."
Shideezhi: Native American Navajo name meaning "younger sister."
Sibley: Brother or sister.
Sisko: Finnish name meaning "sister."
Teicuih: Nahuatl name meaning "younger sister."
Teuicui: Nahuatl name meaning younger sister.
Xoco: Nahuatl name meaning "youngest sister."

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