Top 10 Dog Names of 2015 in the U.S.

What's the most popular dog names this year so far in the United States? Here comes the top 10 list. Bella is the most popular girl dog name and Max keeps the position of the most popular boy dog name. Check out the below list for the full list of top 10 dog names in the U.S.

Bella: Justin Timberlake, Elle Macpherson, Novak Djokovic have dogs named Bella.

Lucy: The most popular name for Dachshunds and mixed breed dogs.
Max: The most popular name for German shepherd dogs.
Daisy: The most popular name for Beagles.
Bailey: The most popular name for Labs and Golden Retrievers.
Buddy: Demi Lovato, America Ferrera have dogs named Buddy.
Molly: Anderson Cooper have a dog named Molly.
Charlie: Mischa Barton have a dog named Charlie.
Maggie: Luke Bryan have a dog named Maggie.
Sadie: Oprah Winfrey have a dog named Sadie.

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