Girl Dog Names Mean Brave, Strong, and Powerful

Guarding dogs and hunting dogs have to be tough and strong enough, even if they are girl dogs. Here comes a list of 21 female dog names mean brave, strong and powerful. These unique dog names come in various origins, and they will surely empower your little girl puppies.

Althea: Greek name meaning "with healing power."

Audrey: Noble strength.
Baldwin: Bold, brave friend.
Bernadette: Strong, brave bear.
Briana: Noble, strong, virtuous.
Bridget: Celtic name meaning "power, strength, vigor, virtue."
Drusilla: Strong.
Imara: African-Swahili name meaning "strong."
Isa: German name meaning "strong willed."
Keren: Ray, beam or strength, power.
Marcella: Warring.
Matilda: German name meaning "mighty in battle."
Maude: Powerful battler.
Neima: Strong.
Pilar: Spanish name meaning "pillar of strength."

Rainey: Counsel power.
Rita: Brave, strong.
Valencia: Latin name meaning "brave."
Valeria: Brave.
Valerie: To be healthy, strong.
Zaila: Arabic name meaning "might, power."

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