New Dog Names: 44 Dog Names For New Beginnings

If you adopted a new puppy, you will have a new beginning and life. When the sun rises, a new day begins and you have a new start, both you and your beloved canine. The best way to celebrate your life is to choose a stylish dog name inspired by new beginnings. Here we pulled together a list of unique dog names have the meaning of new, fresh, young, and dawn. Check out the below list and pick your favorite new dog name for your male or female puppy.

Male Dog Names Means New

Aadi: Sanskrit name means "beginning."

Abiola: Nigerian name means "born in honor."
Arata: Japanese name means "fresh, new."
Arun: Hindi name means "dawn."
Ashur: African Swahili name means "born during the Moslem month of Ashur."
Ewan: Scottish name means "youth."
Fresco: Spanish name means "fresh."
Genesis: Greek name means "origin, beginning."
Hogan: Irish Gaelic name means "young."
Irvin: Irish Gaelic name means "fresh water."
Julian: Spanish name means "youth."
Naveen: Hindi name means "new."
Navin: Hindi name means "new, novel."
Neander: Greek name means "new man."
Neo: Greek name means "new."
Neville: French name means "new village."
Newlin: Welsh name means "new pond."
Raanan: Hebrew name means "fresh."
Xavier: Basque name means "new house."

Female Dog Names Means New

Alpha: The first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Amaryllis: Greek name means "fresh, sparkling."
Anastasia: Greek name means "reborn."
Aruna: Indian name means "God of the dawn.."
Aurora: The mythical Roman goddess of the dawn.
Aviva: Hebrew name means "springtime."
Blossom: English name means "fresh."
Dagian: English name means "dawn."
Dagny: Old Norse name means "new day.."
Dawn: American name means "awakening.."
Imogen: English name means "last born."
Iola: Greek name means "violet-colored dawn."
Keiba: Hawaiian name means "sunrise."
Lucina: Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns.
Mika: Japanese name means "a new moon."
Neoma: Greek name means "new moon."
Nova: Latin name means "new."
Roxana: Persian name means "dawn."
Roxanne: French name means "dawn."
Saveria: Basque name means "a new house."
Thea: The mother of sun, moon and dawn
Usha: Hindi name means "dawn."
Zelenka: Czech name means "new, fresh."
Zerlinda: Hebrew name means "beautiful dawn."
Zora: Slavic name means "dawn."

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