Sports Dog Names: Top 10 Sport-Inspired Names In U.S.

Some of the dogs are active, athletic and energetic, just like an athlete. If you like sports, or you have a sporty puppy, you could give him or her a sport-inspired dog name. Here we have pulled together top 10 sports dog names for you, most of them are inspired by sports teams, fields or players in the United States.

Astro: The Houston Astros is a Major League Baseball team.

Bruiser: Chicago Bruisers is a former Arena Football League team.
Champ: The short form for champion, a winner of a competition.
Chase: Chase Field is the home stadium of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team.
Dodger: Los Angeles Dodgers is a Major League Baseball team.
Jeter: Bob Jeter was an American football cornerback in the National Football League.
Payton: Gary Dwayne Payton is an American former professional basketball point guard.
Polo: Polo is a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is to score goals against an opposing team.
Puck: A hockey puck is a disk made of vulcanized rubber that serves the same functions in various games as a ball does in ball games.
Wrigley: Wrigley Field is a baseball park located on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois.

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