12 Unisex Dog Names For Male or Female Puppies

We choose girl names for female puppies and boy names for male puppies. But if you do not know the gender of your new puppy, and it is hard to determine the gender of that puppy. A good idea is to choose a unisex name for your beloved dog, unisex names work both for your girl or boy puppies. Check out the below list and choose one from these cool unisex dog names.

Arden: The garden of eden, a place of solitude and great beauty.

Ellis: The lord is my god.
Hero: Person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
Indigo: The color between blue and violet.
July: The seventh month of the year.
Lynx: Keepers of the secrets of the forests.
Oak: Near the oak trees.
Quincy: Estate of the fifth son.
Romy: Short form of rosemary, which means "dew of the sea" in latin.
Sasha: Defending men.
Tiernan: Lord.
Wallace: Foreigner.

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