50 Girl Dog Names With Great Meanings

Each name is telling a story. If you are looking for a unique name for your little girl puppy, check out this list of 50 pretty girl dog names with great meanings. You will surely love these names because all of these names have beautiful stories behind them.

Alazne: Miracle.

Allegra: Joyful.
Amada: Beloved.
Amia: Beloved.
Amor: Love.
Aphrodite: Goddess of love.
Beatrix: She who brings happiness.
Belinda: Very beautiful.
Cara: Friendly.
Carina: Beloved.
Carolina: Song of happiness.
Caroline: Song of happiness.
Cher: Dear one.
Cheryl: Darling.
Chloe: Fresh blooming.
Daniella: God is my judge.
Darlene: Tenderly loved.
Elle: Beautiful fairy.
Faith: Faithful.
Farrah: Happy.
Felicity: Happiness and lucky.
Grania: Goddess of grain.
Halona: From wealth.
Hannah: Favor or grace.
Isabella: Devoted to god.
Jamille: Beautiful.
Jolie: Pretty, cheerful.
Joy: Happy.
Judith: Praised.
Kalila: Dearly loved.
Karamat: Miracle.

Karishma: Miracle.
Kenna: Beautiful or attractive.
Kennocha: Lovely.
Lana: Attractive, peaceful.
Lily: Purity and beauty.
Luana: Content, happy.
Mabel: Lovable, beautiful.
Madison: Gift of god.
Mia: A wished for child.
Milada: My love.
Nadia: Hope.
Naveen: Beautiful.
Olivia: Symbol of peace.
Phoebe: Bright, radiant.
Sophia: Wisdom.
Theophilia: Loved by god.
Trixie: Happy.
Victoria: Victory or triumphant.
Vida: Dearly loved.

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