48 Boy and Girl Dog Names Meaning Blue

Are you looking for some dog names that mean blue? Here comes 48 male and female dog names meaning blue in various origins. Some of these names come from natural flowers, and some of them are blue color pale tints. Check out the below list for full blue dog names for your blue puppies.

Girl Dog Names That Mean Blue

Affera: Arabic name meaning "blue earth color."

Alice: Alice blue is a pale tint of azure that was favored by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, which sparked a fashion sensation in the United States.
Azura: French name meaning "blue sky."
Azure: English name meaning "sky blue."
Azzurra: Italian name meaning "azure, sky blue."
Bluebell: A blue flower.
Bonnie: Scarlett O'Hara's daughter by Rhett Butler was named "Bonnie Blue."
Carolina: Carolina blue is the shade of blue used as one of the official school colors of the University of North Carolina.
Clematis: Blue flowers.
Columbia: Columbia blue, also known as Jordy blue, is a light blue tertiary color named after Columbia University.
Cyanea: Sky blue.
Gormlaith: Celtic name meaning "blue princess."
Iris: An ambiguous color term, usually referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet.
Larkspur: A type of delphinium with blue blossoms shaped like spurs.
Lavender: Normally has blue flowers.
Linnea: A small blue flower.
Maya: Maya blue is a unique bright azure blue pigment.
Mazarine: Mazarine blue is a deep blue-purple color in commemoration of Cardinal Mazarin since the eighteenth century.
Neela: Hindi name meaning "blue."
Nila: Means "dark blue" in Sanskrit.
Nilima: Means "blue" in Sanskrit.
Saphia: Greek name meaning "blue gemstone."
Sapphire: A blue gemstone in the corundum family.
Shyama: Sanskrit name meaning "dark blue."
Sialia: Latin name for the bluebird family.
Sini: Means "blue" in Finnish.
Taisie: In legend, Taisie was a princess of Rathlin Island said to have been the most beautiful woman in the world with her dazzling blue eyes and long curling tresses.
Turkessa: The color originally got its name from the opaque blue-green stones mined in Turkestan and Persia.
Violet: Violets are often blue.
Wisteria: Beautiful blue flowers.

Boy Dog Names That Mean Blue

Aciano: The blue bottle flower.

Affery: Arabic name meaning "blue earth color."
Cerulean: A color term that may be applied to certain colors with the hue ranging roughly between blue and cyan, overlapping with both.
Cyan: English name meaning "blueish green."
Gorman: Small blue-eyed one.
Indigo: A deep blue dye from the indigo plant.
Jay: A blue songbird.
Khazhak: Means "blue-eyed" in Armenian.
Livius: Latin name meaning "bluish."
Mankato: Blue earth.
Robin: Robin eggs are blue.
Sage: Can have blue flowers.
Sunil: Sanskrit name meaning "dark blue."
Teal: A dark greenish-blue color.
Thanh: Vietnamese name meaning "bright clear blue."
Topaz : Latin name meaning "blue gemstone."
Vervain: Blue flowers.
Viridian: a bluish-green pigment consisting of hydrated chromium hydroxide.

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