Red Dog Names: Unusual Names That Mean Red

Red dogs are beautiful and brilliant, and they deserve red names. Here we pulled together a list of unusual male dog names and female dog names meaning red in various origins. Check out the below list and pick your favorite name for your beloved little red puppy.

Male Dog Names Meaning Red

Adam: Son of the red earth. Finnish form: Aatami. Pet forms: Aatos,AattoAddie. Italian form: Adamo. Greek form: Adamos. Spanish form:Adan. Turkish form: Adem. Irish form: Adhamh. Medieval French forms:AdnetAdnot. Hawaiian form: Akamu. Armenian form: Atam. Middle English pet form: Eade.

Arun: Hindi name meaning "redness of the rising sun." Variant form:Aruna.
Bayard: Old French name meaning "reddish brown."
Broderick: Welsh surname meaning "reddish-brown."
Clancy: Irish surname meaning "red warrior." Variant form: Clancey.
Clancy: Red-haired warrior.
Edom: Hebrew name meaning "red."
Flann: Traditional Irish name meaning "red, ruddy."
Flannabhra: Irish Gaelic name meaning "red eyebrows."
Flannan: Diminutive form of Irish Gaelic Flann, meaning "little red one."
Flannchadh: Irish Gaelic name meaning "red warrior."
Flannery: Irish name meaning "red-haired."
Flannery: Irish surname meaning "red eyebrows."
Flannghal: Irish Gaelic name meaning "red valor."
Floin: Old Gaelic byname meaning "red, ruddy."
Flynn: Irish name meaning "son of the red-haired one."
Flynn: Irish surname meaning "red, ruddy."
Gilroy: Irish surname meaning "red."
Gorri: Basque name meaning "red."
Idouma: Greek name meaning "red."
Iduma: Latin form of Idouma, meaning "red."
Jasper: Rusty-red stone.
Kamal: Hindi name meaning "red."
Kapil: Short form of Hindi Kapila, meaning "reddish-brown."
Kapila: Hindi name meaning "reddish-brown."
Lootah: Native American Sioux name meaning "red."
Miltiades: Old Greek name meaning "red earth."
Ogaleesha: Native American Sioux name meaning "wears a red shirt."
Phoinix: Greek name meaning "crimson."
Radcliff: English surname meaning "red cliff." Variant form:Radclyffe.
Radley: English surname meaning "red meadow."
Radley: Red meadow.
Raleigh: English surname meaning "red meadow."
Red: Old English byname meaning "red-headed." Variant forms: Read,ReddReedReid.
Redmond: Red haired defender.
Rhydderch: Welsh name meaning "reddish-brown." Variant forms: Roddy,Roderick.
Rohan: Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Ruadhan, meaning "little red one."
Rorie: Variant spelling of English Rory, meaning "red king." Variant forms: Rory.
Rousel: Old French byname meaning "little red one."
Rowan: Irish surname meaning "little red one."
Rowan: Little redhead.
Ruadh: Old Irish byname meaning "red." Variant forms: RoyRuadhan.
Ruaidhri: Irish Gaelic name meaning "red king." Variant forms:RuaidriRuairiRuairidhRuaraidhRuaridh.
Rudyard: English surname meaning "red paddock" or "red yard."
Rufus: Latin name meaning "red haired."
Rufus: Latin name meaning "red-haired." Variant forms: Rufinus,Rufino.
Russell: English surname meaning "little red one." Variant forms:RussRussel.
Rusty: Byname for someone with "rust-colored hair."
Shani: Hebrew unisex name meaning "crimson red."
Sorrell: Reddish-brown-hued horse.
Wapasha: Native American Dakota name meaning "red leaf."

Female Dog Names Meaning Red

Adamina: Scottish feminine form of Adam, meaning "red earth." Variant forms: Adaminna.

Adamine: Scandinavian feminine form of Adam.
Akane: Japanese name meaning "brilliant red."
Burgundy: A dark red color associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name.
Crimson: A strong, bright, deep red color.
Garnet: The deep red stone, birthstone for January babies.
Gorria: Feminine form of Basque Gorri, meaning "red."
Haze: Short form of Old English Hazel, meaning "reddish-brown."
Hazel: Old English name meaning "reddish-brown" or "hazel tree."
Kamala: Feminine form of Hindi Kamal, meaning "red."
Maple: The brilliant fall foliage of maple is red and beautiful.
Meoquanee: Native American Cheyenne name meaning "wears red."
Poppy: Bright red flower.
Ruby: Beautiful red gemstone, the birthstone for the month of July. Variant forms: Rubye.
Rufina: Feminine form of Roman Rufinus, meaning "red-haired."
Sanuye: Native American Miwok name meaning "red cloud at sundown."
Scarlet: Color name meaning "scarlet red." Variant form: Scarlett.
Shiva: Hindi Tamil name meaning "red."
Sienna: English name meaning "reddish-orange." Variant forms: Siena.
Talutah: Native American Sioux name meaning "blood-red."
Yeghnig: Armenian name meaning "red deer."

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