60 Romantic Dog Names For Your Male Puppies

Are you looking for some good dog names meaning love and romance? Check out our collection of romantic dog names, they are perfect for your lovely and loving puppies. Just pick a heart-breaker name from the below list for your beloved boy dogs.

Alberto: Noble + bright, famous.

Alec: Defending men.
Alejandro: Defender.
Alexis: Defender of man.
Alric: Rules all.
Amadeo: Loves God.
Andreas: Greek for Man.
Andres: Manly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.
Angelo: Italian boy name for "from the angel".
Ansel: Fortunate.
Antoine: Variant of Anthony, and the meaning of Antoine is "priceless one".
Antreas: Manly, brave.
Armani: Armani is indelibly linked in modern times to the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani.
Arran: High mountain.
Augustino: Magic majestic.
Avidor: Father of a multitude.
Bacchus: God of wine and intoxication.
Beau: French for "handsome; admirer; sweetheart". Use as a given name is probably due to the character of Beau Wilks in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind".
Benedetto: Blessed.
Blaine: Yellow.
Bo: Nickname of William.
Bolivar: Mighty, warlike.
Bond: Peasant farmer.
Braden: Broad, wide.
Brannon: Son of Bran.
Gable: Man of god.
Gaetano: From Gaeta.
Gaincarlo: God's gracious gift also manly.
Galo: The Roman name for France.
Gannon: White, fair-haired.
Garland: Garland-maker.
Gaston: Uncertain, perhaps outsider.
Gefen: Vine.
Gervais: With honor.
Giacomo: Supplanter.
Giancarlo: God is gracious.
Giles: Small goat.
Giovanni: God is gracious.
Giuliano: Youthful.
Gustavo: Royal staff.

Hans: God is gracious.
Hansel: God is gracious.
Heath: Untended land where certain flowering shrubs grow.
Helios: God shall redeem.
Hermes: A messenger for the gods on Olympus and was himself the god of eloquence.
Holland: An area within the Netherlands, now split into North Holland and South Holland.
Jacques: Variant of James via Jacob. Familiar from the well-known song "Frére Jacques".
Javier: Bright.
Jewel: Jewel is a precious gem or stone in cut and polished form, which is used to make jewelry or other adornments. The name Jewel is of Old French origin and the meaning of Jewel is "Plaything, delight".
Jovani: God is gracious.
Laurens: From Laurentum, which was a city south of Rome known for its laurel trees.
Mateus: Gift of God.
Monroe: Mouth of the River Roe.
Montana: The 41st state of the United States. Tony Montana is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 1983 film Scarface. He has become a cultural icon and is one of the most famous movie characters of all time.
Ottavio: Eighth.
Paulo: Small.
Ramon: Form Of Raymond Guards Wisely.
Rio: Spanish for Big River. Coffee Rio is a hard coffee caramel made with fresh dairy cream, milk and real coffee.
Ryan: The meaning of Ryan is "king". The O Riain and Ryan families of Ireland are primarily from Carlow and Tipperary, where Ryan is the most common surname.
Saverio: New house.

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