42 Beautiful Dog Names That Mean Butterfly

Some dogs have beautiful coat-colors and markings, just like butterflies. Choosing a unique dog name is not easy, land some smart people think of naming a dog after a butterfly. Here come a collection of 42 butterfly dog names. Many of these names have the meaning of butterfly in various origins, and some of them are butterfly species names.

Annabella: Vanessa annabella is one of three North American species of brush-footed butterflies known colloquially as the "painted ladies".

Aponi: Native American name meaning "butterfly."
Caparina: A type of butterfly.
Cassius: Cassius Blue is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family.
Cho: Variant form of Chou, meaning "butterfly."
Chou: Japanese name meaning "butterfly."
Chouko: Japanese name meaning "butterfly child."
Cressida: A monotypic genus of butterfly in the family Papilionidae.
Cynthia: The Cynthia group of colourful butterflies comprises a subgenus of the genus Vanessa in the Family Nymphalidae.
Eilir: Welsh name meaning "butterfly."
Etain: Irish name. The second wife to Midir, whose first wife turns her into a beautiful butterfly.
Euthalia: A genus of brush-footed butterflies.
Euthalia: Greek name meaning "well-blooming." Also the name of some species of butterflies.
Farasha: Lovely Arabic name meaning "butterfly."
Farfalla: Italian name meaning "resembling a butterfly."
Flutura: Albanian name meaning "butterfly."
Henley: A social butterfly.
Icarus: A little butterfly in the Lycaenidae family.
Issoria: The genus of butterflies in the family Nymphalidae.
Kelebek: Turkish name meaning "butterfly."
Kimana: Native American Shoshone name meaning “butterfly”.
Kimimela: Native American Sioux name meaning "butterfly."
Kuwanyauma: Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly showing beautiful wings."
Lilldeh: Fulani name meaning "butterfly."
Lysandra: A genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.
Mariposa: Spanish name meaning "butterfly." Also used as a slang term for a gay man.

Nabi: Korean name meaning "butterfly."
Neveah: Slavic name meaning "butterfly."
Nova: Native American Hopi name meaning "chases butterflies."
Paloma: Spanish name meaning "butterfly."
Panambi: Guarani name meaning "butterfly."
Papillion: French name meaning "butterfly."
Parvana: Persian name meaning "butterfly."
Parveneh: Persian name meaning "butterfly."
Parwana: Central Asian name meaning "butterfly."
Plebejus: A genus of butterfly in the Lycaenidae family.
Polikwaptiwa: Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly sitting on a flower."
Ringlet: A butterfly in the family Nymphalidae.
Teter: Armenian name meaning "butterfly."
Vanessa: Butterfly. Derived from Phanessa, the mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood.
Vartiter: Armenian name meaning "rose-butterfly."
Yara: Arabic name meaning "small butterfly."

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