Brown Dog Names: 36 Unique Dog Names Meaning Brown

Having a brown puppy is cool, whatever it is light brown or chocolate in color. Brown dogs deserve brown names, and you have to select a name fitting the dog if you would like to name your puppy base on the coat-color. Here we pulled together a collection of 36 unique brown dog names, all of these names have the meaning of brown in various origins. Check out the below list and pick one for your newborn brown puppy.

Male Names For Brown Puppies

Aruna: Means "reddish brown" in Sanskrit.

Bayard: Old French for "reddish brown" or "bright bay color."
Broderick: Welsh surname for "reddish-brown."
Bruin: Dutch form of German Bruno, meaning "brown."
Bruno: German name for "brown."
Bruns: Variant form of German Bruno, meaning "brown."
Denis: Brown warrior.
Dinis: Brown warrior.
Donaghy: Brown warrior.
Donn: Irish Gaelic name meaning "brown."
Donnachaidh: Variant form of Irish Gaelic Donnchadh, meaning "brown warrior."
Donnchadh: Irish Gaelic name meaning "brown warrior."
Donndubhan: Old Gaelic name meaning "little dark brown one."
Donne: Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Donn, meaning "brown."
Donogh: Brown warrior.
Donough: Variant form of Donogh, meaning "brown warrior."
Donovan: Irish surname meaning "little dark brown one."
Duncan: Brown warrior.
Dunky: Pet form of English Duncan, meaning "brown warrior."
Dunn: Brown.
Eachann: Scottish Gaelic name meaning "brown horse."
Hari: Means "brown, yellow, tawny" in Sanskrit.
Hector: Brown horse.
Kapil: Short form of Hindi Kapila, meaning "reddish-brown."
Kapila: Hindi name meaning "reddish-brown."
Rhydderch: Welsh name meaning "reddish-brown."
Roderick: Reddish-brown.

Female Names For Brown Puppies

Brina: Yiddish name meaning "brown."

Bruna: Feminine form of German Bruno, meaning "brown."
Haze: Short form of Old English Hazel, meaning "reddish-brown" or "hazel tree."
Hazel: Old English name meaning "reddish-brown" or "hazel tree."
Tahnee: Variant form of Tawny, meaning "light brown, tawny."
Tawnee: Variant form of Tawny, meaning "light brown, tawny."
Tawnie: Variant form of Tawny, meaning "light brown, tawny."
Tawny: English name meaning "light brown, tawny."
Toukhtzam: Armenian name meaning "brunette; brown-haired."

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