71 Girl and Boy Dog Names That Mean Light

Are you looking for some shining light dog names? Here comes the list! We have pulled together a collection of 71 female dog names and male dog names that have the meaning of light, torch, delight, bright, and shining. These unusual dog names are originated in various origins around the world, we hope you will love these brilliant dog names.

Female Light Dog Names

Alaula: Hawaiian for "Light of early dawn."

Amiya: Indian for Delight.
Charmian: Greek for "Joy, delight."
Chia: Variant of Lucia which means bright light.
Deepali: Sanskrit for "Chain of lights."
Deepika: Sanskrit for "Little light."
Delicia: Latin for Delight.
Eden: Hebrew for Delight.
Eleora: Hebrew for "God is my light."
Elinor: Arabic for "My god is the light."
Ellie: French for "Shining light."
Ellie: Greek for "Bright light."
Fluffy: American for "Soft, light, or airy."
Gayora: Hebrew for "Valley of light."
Harsha: Sanskrit for Delight.
Hazel: Hazel Tree, Light brown.
Jovita: Latin for Delight.
Jyoti: Sanskrit for Light.
Kalama: Hawaiian for "The torch, the light, the lamp."
Kiran: Sanskrit for "Ray of light."
Konane: Hawaiian for "Bright moonlight, to shine."
Kumud: Sanskrit for "Earth's delighter."
Lager: American for "Light beer."
Leora: Hebrew for "My light."
Liora: Hebrew for "My light."
Lucero: Latin for Light.
Lucia: Latin for Light.
Lucie: Latin for Light.
Lucille: Latin for Light.
Lucine: Latin for Light.
Lucy: Latin for Light.
Luz: Spanish for Light.
Malana: Hawaiian for "Buoyant, light."
Mitsuko: Japanese for "Child of the light."
Naomi: Hebrew for "Beautiful, pleasant, delightful."
Nelli: Greek for "Variant of Nellie which means light."
Nellie: Greek for Light.
Noemi: Hebrew for "Beautiful, pleasant, delightful."
Nuru: Swahili for "In the light of day."
Ora: Hebrew for Light.
Oralee: Hebrew for "My light."
Oria: Hebrew for "Light of God."
Orli: Hebrew for "Light is mine."
Prabha: Sanskrit for "The light."
Prita: Sanskrit for Delighted.
Priti: Sanskrit for Delight.
Ruchi: Sanskrit for "Light, beauty."
Shri: Sanskrit for Light.
Sorcha: Gaelic for "Brightness, light."
Sunshine: Light from the sun.
Svetlana: Russian for Light.
Zia: Arabic for "Splendor, light."

Male Light Dog Names

Anshu: Sanskrit for "Ray of sunlight."

Bhaskar: Sanskrit for "Bright light."
Harsh: Sanskrit for Delight.
Jair: Hebrew for "He will light up."
Jairo: Hebrew for "He will light up."
Kuldeep: Indian for "Family light."
Luce: Latin for Light.
Lucian: Latin for Light.
Luciano: Latin for Light.
Lucien: Latin for Light.
Lucio: Latin for Light.
Lucius: Latin for Light.
Luke: Spanish for "bringer of light."
Nimai: Indian for "Filled with light."
Noam: Hebrew for "Delight, joy, pleasantness."
Pradeep: Sanskrit for "Light, lantern."
Sinclair: Holy light.
Sunny: Filled with sunlight.
Ulani: Hawaiian for Delightful.

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