19 Unusual Dog Names That Mean Angel

If you are looking for some angelic dog names, you could check out this short list for unusual dog names meaning angel. These spiritual dog names are cute and unique, and they all have the meaning of angel in various origins. Angel, Erela and Faida are perfect dog names and they are very short, and of course you could use Angelina, Engelbert or Malayeka if you want more unique names.

Aingeal: Irish girl name for "angel"

Angel: Unsex baby name for "messenger of god".
Angela: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angele: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelee: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelette: French girl name for "little angel".
Angelica: Latin girl name for "angelic"
Angelina: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelique: French girl name for "like an angel".
Angelisa: Greek or Latin girl name for "angel".
Angelo: Italian boy name for "from the angel".
Engelbert: German boy name for "bright as an angel".
Erela: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Erelah: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Evangeline: Greek girl name for "bringer of good news".
Faida: Icelandic girl name for" wings that are folded".
Malayeka: Arabic girl name for "angel".
Serafim: Hebrew boy name for "an angel-like being".
Seraphina: Hebrew girl name for "fiery-winged".

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