53 Unique Portuguese Dog Names

Portugal has a long history, and a blend of different languages and cultures. Portuguese Water dogs are originated in Portugal, if you are looking for the unique dog names originated in Portugal, here comes our options.

Boy Portuguese Dog Names:

Adao: Earth or red.

Aleixo: Defender.
Anxo: Angel or messenger.
Bento: Blessed.
Breno: King.
Carlito: Little man.
Davi: Beloved.
Donato: Given by God.
Edmundo: proTector of prosperity.
Erico: Ever-ruler.
Fausto: Lucky.
Frederico: Peaceful ruler.
Gregorio: Watchful.
Henrique: Home ruler.
Horacio: Has good eyesight.
Leonardo: Strong as a lion.
Luiz: Famous warrior.
Marcos: Defender.
Maximiano: The greatest.
Nuno: Ninth.
Pedro: Rock.
Placido: Calm.
Rico: Strong.
Roque: Rest.
Rufino: Red haired.
Tadeu: Saint Iago.
Uxio: Well born.
Valentim: Healthy.
Ze: God shall add another son.
Zorian: Happy.

Girl Portuguese Dog Names:

Ana: Favor or grace.

Antia: Invaluable.
Branca: White.
Catina: Pure.
Celia: Heaven.
Doroteia: Gift from God.
Edite: Rich battle.
Frederica: Peaceful ruler.
Gloria: Glory.
Graca: Graceful.
Izabel: God is bountiful.
Leticia: Happiness.
Lucia: Light.
Luisa: Famous warrior.
Marcia: Defender.
Matilde: Mighty in battle.
Noela: Day of birth.
Ofelia: Help.
Renata: Reborn.
Sofia: Wisdom.
Suzana: Lily.
Uxia: Well born.
Xoana: God is gracious.

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