Unusual Female Dog Names Meaning Happiness and Joyful

These wonderful female dog names have the meaning of happiness, joyful, delightful and cheerful.

Abigail: Hebrew for "my father is joyful."

Ada: Teutonicfor Happy.
Adabel: Teutonic for "lovely; happy."
Adhelle: Teutonic for "lovely; happy."
Afrah: Muslin for happiness.
Agalia: Greek for Happy.
Aida: Italian for Happy.
Aina: Celtic for Joy.
Alaia: Basque for Happiness.
Aleeza: Hebrew for Joy.
Alisa: Hebrew for "great happiness."
Aliza: Hebrew for Joy.
Allegra: Italian for "cheerful, lively."
Anabel: Gaelic for Joy.
Annabella: Gaelic for Joy.
Anoosheh: Persian for "happy; fortunate"
Arcadia: Greek for "pastoral simplicity and happiness."
Arshika: Hindu for happiness.
Aud: Scandinavian for "riches, prosperity, happiness."
Bachiko: Japanese for "happy child."
Beata: Latin for "happy."
Beatrisa: Spanish for "brings happiness."
Beatrix: She who brings happiness.
Beatriz: Spanish for "brings happiness."
Carol: French for "song of happiness."
Carola: French for "song of happiness."
Carole: French for "song of happiness."
Carolina: French for "song of happiness."
Caroline: French for "song of happiness."
Duscha: Russian for "happy guest."
Eadgyth: Happy warfare.
Edith: Happy warfare.
Falisha: Latin for Happy.
Farah: Persian for Happy.
Farha: Sanskrit for "happiness, joy."
Farheen: Muslim for Jubiliant.
Farkhonda: Persian for "happy; joyous."
Farrah: Arabic for Happy.
Felecia: Latin for Happy.
Feleta: Latin for Happy.
Felice: Latin for Happy.
Felicia: French for "great happiness."
Felicienne: French for "great happiness."
Feliciona: Latin for Happy.
Felicita: Spanish for Happy.
Felicity: Latin for Happiness.
Felisa: Latin for Happy.
Felise: Latin for Happy.
Felisha: Latin for Happy.
Felita: Latin for Happy.
Filicia: French for "great happiness."
Gail: Hebrew for "father rejoiced."
Gaye: Teutonic for Happy.
Geila: Hebrew for Joy.
Gila: Hebrew for "eternal joy."
Gilana: Hebrew for "eternal joy."
Glad: Happy.
Gleda: Happy.
Gwyneth: Happiness.
Halona: Native American for "of happy fortune."
Hani: Arabic for Happy.
Harisha: Indian for "pure happiness."
Harshada: Indian for "one who gives happiness."
Harshini: Hindi for Happy.
Harshita: Hindi for "joyful; one who brings happiness."
Helge: Scandinavian for "blessed, happy."
Hella: Scandinavian for "blessed, happy."
Hilaria: Latin for Happy.
Hillary: Latin for Happy.
Hiolair: Irish for Happy.

Inshirah: Quran for Cheer.
Jacey: Latin for Happy.
Jocelyn: Latin for Happy.
Joie: Variant of Joy.
Joscelin: Latin for Happy.
Jovita: Latin for Happy.
Joy: Latin for "happiness, joy."
Joyce: Latin for Happiness.
Keiko: Japanese for "happy child."
Keisha: Abbreviation of Lakeisha, which means "great joy."
Khushmand: Persian for Happy.
Kiyo: Japanese for "happy generations."
Kiyoko: Japanese for "Child of a happy generation."
Laetitia: Irish for Happy.
Lateisha: Joyful; happy.
Laticia: Joyful; happy.
Latisha: Joyful; happy.
Lavena: Celtic for Joy.
Lecia: Happy.
Leda: Short form of Letitia, which means "joy, happiness."
Leggra: Italian for Joyful.
Leitis: Gaelic for Happy.
Leticia: Spanish for Happy.
Letitia: Latin for Happiness.
Letizia: Italian for Glad.
Lisha: Happy.
Luana: Hawaiian for Happy.
Mab: Irish for Happiness.
Mabbina: Irish for Happiness.
Mavis: French for Joy.
Meadhbh: Irish for Happiness.
Merry: Anglo-Saxon for Happy.
Mi-Hi: Korean for "a combination of beauty and happiness."
Nandana: Sanskrit for "delighful; pleasing."
Nara: Gaelic for Happy.
Oseye: Arabic for Happy.
Pellikita: Latin for Happy.
Phylicia: Greek for Happy.
Rafa: Arabic for Happy.
Rona: Hebrew for "my joy."
Rowena: Germanic for "famous and happy."
Saeedeh: Persian for "happy, lucky, prosperous."
Senay: Persian for "happy moon."
Shadan: Persian for "happy, joyful."
Simcha: Hebrew for Joy.
Soroushi: Persian for Happiness.
Sunny: American for Cheerful.
Taruh: Arabic for Happy.
Tatum: Brings joy.
Tisha: Joyful, happy.
Trix: Latin for "bringer of joy."
Trixie: Latin for "bringer of joy."
Warizah: Muslim for Happiness.
Winifred: Welsh for "joy and peace."
Yamina: Arabic for "to be happy."
Yerchanig: Armenian for Happy.
Yeshna: Hindi for Happiness.
Zvart: Armenian for Happy.

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