40 Unique Dog Names Meaning Wolf

Some of the dogs are more like wolves than dogs, and it would be a good idea to give them those names meaning wolf. Wolf names are quite popular for dogs, because sometimes they do look very similar. The difference is that we can cuddle with dogs but not with wolves.

We have pulled together a list of 40 dog names meaning wolf in various origins, and these names are unique, sounding and unusual, they make perfect names for your wolf-like dogs. Have fun exploring the wolf-themed dog names at the below list.

Accalia: Latin for She-wolf.

Adolph: German for Noble Wolf.
Arno: German for Eagle Wolf.
Bardolf: English for Ax Wolf.
Bardou: English for Bright Wolf.
Boris: Russian for Wolf.
Cana: Celtic for Wolf Club.
Channing: French for Young Wolf.
Channon: English for Young Wolf.
Conan: Irish for Wolf.
Connor: Irish for Wolf Lover.
Edon: French for Wolf.
Felan: Celtic for Small Wolf.
Fenris: Fenris was a giant wolf who had the power to threaten the gods in Scandinavian mythology.
Fillan: Scottish for Wolf.
Freki: Norse for Myth Name of Odin’s Wolf.
Gorg: Farsi for Wolf.
Honi: Arapaho for Wolf.
Kiyiya: Yakima for Howling Wolf.
Kurt: Turkish for Wolf.
Louvel: French for Little Wolf.
Lowell: French for Young Wolf.
Lupo: Italian for Wolf.

Maccon: Celtic for Son of A Wolf.
Phelan: Irish for Like A Wolf.
Randi: Norwegian for Wolf Shield.
Raul: Spanish for Wolf Counsel.
Rollin: Teutonic for Famous Wolf.
Rudi: German for Famed Wolf. Short form of Rudolph.
Rudolph: German for Famous Wolf.
Seff: Hebrew for Wolf.
Susi: Finnish for Wolf.
Tala: Sioux for Red Wolf.
Tasha: Caddo for Wolf.
Tate: Native American for Stalking Wolf.
Ulva: German for Wolf.
Varg: Old Norse for Wolf.
Waya: Cherokee for Wolf.
Woolsey: English for Victorious Wolf.
Zev: Hebrew for Wolf.

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