38 Unique Lazy Dog Names For Loafer Pugs

Not all the puppies have the energy or desier to chase the mailman, lazy dogs have their certain attitudes. They take the art of lounging to new levels, they are the dogs who feel best at home on the couchs or their doggie beds.

Lazy dogs deserve lazy dog names. We have pulled together a collection of lazy dog names ideas. They are inspired by those quality and comfort sofa or recliner brands, word or names mean lazy or leisure. We also include those words have the annotations of lazy or slow. Check out the below dog names for your male or female lazy dogs.

Names From Quality Sofa Brand

Albany: Albany delivers stylish upholstered furniture complete with quality, comfort and value.

Barca: Barcalounger, is a type of recliner popular in the United States.
Berk: The Berkline brand of home furnishings offers innovative and stylish products.
Broyhill: For more than a century, the name Broyhill has been associated with fine-quality furniture.
Lane: A brand of recliners and sofas.
Primo: Primo International was founded with the single purpose of providing innovative quality furniture styles.

Names Mean Lazy or Leisure

Dozer: The pooch who dozes.
Drowsy: Half-asleep, sleepy.
Fritter: Your dog is wasting the time on the couch.
Linger: Staying in a place longer than usual or walking slowly.
Loafer: Lazy person.
Lounger: A person that lounges.
Meander: Wandering aimlessly.
Mopey: Droopy.
Mosey: Wandering leisurely.
Napper: A person who naps or dozes.
Potter: To potter the day away.
Ramble: Wandering around in a leisurely.
Saunter: Walking with a leisurely gait.
Shuffle: To move slowly, dragging the feet.
Siesta: A midday or afternoon rest or nap.
Sleepy: Ready or inclined to sleep.
Snoozer: A short sleep.

Names Have Annotations of Lazy or Slow

Arion: A genus of roundback slugs.

Barnacle: A type of arthropod, once attached never move.
Coucher: Couch is a good place to rest and relax.
Droopy: Droopy the fictional cartoon dog moves slowly and lethargically.
Dusty: Covered with dust from lack of motion.
Ham: Hammock is a great place to hang out.
Helix: Helix hortensis is a kind of white-lipped garden snail.
Hippy: Hippies are lazy. Good name for a long haired pup.
Homer: Homer Simpson is the king of lazy and lover of donuts.
Koala: It is said that Koala lost its tail for being lazy and greedy.
Limax: Limax cinereoniger the largest land slug species in the world.
Pokey: Slow.
Rock: Like the dog that won’t move.
Rusty: Covered with or affected by rust.
Sandman: The man who puts sand in the eyes of children to make them sleepy.

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