3 Ways to Link A Pair of Twin Dog Names

It is wonderful to own twin dogs, they will play and sleep together daily, this will bring you more happiness. When coming to dog names, you have to choose a pair of twin dog names for them. There are several ways to link two dog names together, and today we will be talking about how to choose a perfect pair of twin dog names.

1. Same First Initial

The easiest and most obvious way to link two names is by first initial, and this is the most popular twin names linking way. If you choose twin names start with the same first initial, the rhythm or sound should be different. 

2. Same Number of Syllables or Similar Sounds

You might pick two one-syllable names such as Bea and Max, or two names that share a middle or ending sound, for instance Oliver and Everett, or Aiden and Carson.

3. Same or Similar Meaning

This is a grace and quietly way to link twin names, you could find pairs that range from fashionable to the sedate, for instance Caleb and Amos, or Beth and Jane. More specialized meanings offer fewer options but a closer link, for example, Ariel and Leo both mean lion.

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