A Slightly Tough Dog Name: Sharky

If you have property to be protected, you may need a tough dog. A tough guarding dog will protect your house and intimidate the baddies with their dogs growl and sharp teeth.

A tough dog should have a tough name, this will emphasize his toughness a little more. If you want your puppy to be rugged and a little tougher, then you also need a tough name that matches. A good tough dog name will make any puppy loom larger regardless of their physique or personality.

You may get inspiration for tough names from those tough leaders, such as Caesar and Patton. You canalso take inspiration from Greek or Roman gods, they are considered tough for their power and finesse, for instance Zeus and Achilles. Another great option for tough dog name is to consider those toughest animals, for example Lion and Shark.

Well, the tough dog name we are talking today is Sharky, a slighty tough name inspired by nature, and it is a variant of Shark.

Sharks are found in all seas and are common to depths of 2,000 metres. Some of the sharks are dangerous, for instance the great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks. They have several sets of replaceable teeth, and they swim very fast. The fastest shark can burst at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour.

Of course Shark is a perfect tough dog name. But if you do not want a too tough name, you may consider this slightly tough name: Sharky. 

Sharky is a dog in the American-Canadian animated series Eek! The Cat. Sharky is a pet guarding dog who defends Annabelle's house with the viciousness of a shark. Sharky does not speak, but more than makes up for it in growls. Sharky loves to bite things, mostly mail carriers. Sharky also has quite a bit of skill as a craftsman, he is constantly rebuilding his doghouse after Eek accidentally destroys it. 

Do you like this tough dog name Sharky? If you want more perfect tough dog names please consider this list: Beast, Blade, Boss, Bullet, Goliath, Hades, King, Rambo, Tank, Tiger.

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