Wackiest Dog Names of 2014

You may know those popular dog names. You hear them around the dog parks and on the street, for instance Buddy, Max and Bella. Of course they proved great dog names, but we just think they are a little boring. Especially for those who like unique dog names.

Dog names can be crazy, if you have seen the wackiest dog names of this year, you will believe it. 

If you like wacky dog names, you will absolutely love this best list of dog names. 

These names are so good, here's the full top 50:

1. Peanut Wigglebutt

2. Sir Hog Knucklehead
3. Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce
4. Otto Von Longdog
5. Zippity Do Dawg
6. Airbubble McMuffin
7. Hamburger Patty
8. Angus T Brackencrack
9. Mister Buddy Pickles
10. Waffle Dots
11. Ajax General
12. Bacon Bite
13. Beaudacious Maximus
14. BC Wompum Stompum
15. Bobo Prince Of Edinburg
16. Bogey The Ebony Ace
17. Brutus Pancakes
18. Butkis
19. Chief Tator Tot
20. Der Jaeger Meister
21. FL Martha Washington
22. Ice Beefcake Stacks
23. Knuckle Head
24. Kung Fu Seabolt
25. Lambchops

26. Macaroni Al Dente
27. Mindy Fluffer Nutter
28. Munchkin-Dunkin
29. My Buckaroo Buddy
30. No Marley Stoppit
31. Officer Piccadilly
32. Panda Bear Pandy
33. Rocko The Porkchop
34. Rootie Patootie
35. Ruffles Ms Truffles
36. Rump Roast
37. Sake Bomb
38. Scar Huey Von Kitten
39. Sergeant Gumdrop
40. Sir Bubba Grunt
41. Snickerdoodle Dandee
42. Southern Comfort
43. Tid Bit Tenacious
44. Tide The Knot
45. Twyla Punkin Twinkletoes
46. Uncle Father Oscar
47. Vienna Beef
48. Zing Zing
49. Chester Sugarfoot
50. Gianna Von Doberman

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