Interesting and Unique Dog Names after US Town Names

A town is a human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city. From the easternmost reaches of Maine to the western Alaska islands in the Bering Sea, there are lots of towns with imaginable names.

After researching most of the town names in USA, we come up a collection of town-themed dog names for you. Some of them are tough dog names, and some of them are funny dog names. You will be surprised that small towns are great resources for interesting and unique dog names.

Avon - One of many rivers named Avon River or River Avon, also a manufacturer of various cosmetics and personal care products.
Bahama - The name of the country officially known as The Bahamas
Beaver - Animal known for building dams, canals, and lodges.
Blunt - A surname, Emily Blunt is a famous British actress.
Bobo - A great surname and nickname. In colloquial use, bobo is often utilized in place of the word yuppie.
Boca - A sports club based in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bonita - A feminine given name means "pretty, cute" in Spanish and Portuguese.
Cactus - A member of the plant family Cactaceae.
Chico - Nickname means little boy in Spanish.
Colon - Village names in Michigan and Nebraska, also a French wine grape known as Gros Verdot.
Dickey - Place or river names in USA, also give name or nickname.
Disco - A genre of music incorporating elements of funk, soul music, and salsa. It is a great name for dogs like music and dance.
Dixie - Nickname for the Southern United States, also place names in North America.
Eden - Place names, closely related to an Aramaic root word meaning "fruitful, well-watered."
Eek - City and river name in Alaska. Eek the Cat is a cat in the titled animated TV series.
Eureka - The largest US city named Eureka.
Faith - Great place name, song name, given name and surname.
Fannie - Literary given name and place name.
Farmer - Person who grows then harvests food, a common surname, also city names in USA.
Fickle - Community and hill name, it can be a name for those who always have trouble making up their minds.
Hammer - Place name, also a cool name for tough dogs.
Happy - Place name and song name, amazing active dog name.
Hope - Very popular place name and song name, it is a great dog name with unusual meaning.
Igo - Igo is a small town in the United States.
Java - The most populous island located in Indonesia. It is also town and village name in USA.
Junior - Very popular name for sports players.
Jupiter - The fifth planet from the Sun, it is also places name in USA and Romania.
Kidder - Place name, can be used as dog names for those who like to be kidding.
Lemmon - Multiple locations place name, it is also a surname.
Lorida - An unincorporated community in eastern Highlands County, Florida.
Mars - The fourth planet from the Sun, it is also the Roman god of war.
Mayo - Place name and surname. "Mayo people" is an Indigenous ethnic group who live in the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora.
Moon - Earth's only natural satellite, cool name for white shining dogs.
Muck - A soil made up primarily of humus from drained swampland, can be used as a dirty dog name.
Munster - Place names of which the best-known are the Irish province Munster and the German city of Münster. It can be used as a tough dog name because it sounds like monster.
Nitro - Nitrous oxide is a fuel injector to increase horsepower in race cars. A dog named Nitro is fast and he always makes you laugh.
Paw - The soft foot of a mammal, Paw or Paw Paw is a funny dog name.
Peanut - A species in the pea family Fabaceae, also a perfect name for small breeds of dogs.
Penny - A coin used in several English-speaking countries. Another cool small-themed dog name, there are lots of fictional animal characters named Penny.
Pigeon - A common name for birds of the taxonomic family Columbidae, particularly the rock pigeon.
Rainbow - A natural phenomenon noted for its beauty and mystical appearance, for the dog lucky enough to find it.
Rice - A cereal grain, it can be a perfect name for those small and cute white dogs.
43. Rome – Rome is the capital city of Italy. There is an apple variety also known as Rome Beauty or Red Rome.
Rye - A grass grown extensively as a grain. Rye whiskey and Rye bread are made with rye grain and flour.
Salmon - Any of several species of fish of the family Salmonidae. Salmon color is a pale pink-orange color.
Sandia - Means "watermelon" in Spanish language.
Sandwich - A food item made of two pieces of bread with layers of other food between them. Sandwich is a funny dog name.
Sargent - There are a lot of people have the surname "Sargent". Rupert Sargent was the first Black Officer in history to be awarded the Medal of Honor.
Savage - Savage means a rude, wild and boorish person. It is a perfect tough dog name.
Scooba - Scooba is a cleaning robot belonging to iRobot Corporation. You may also try Scuba, which is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Secretary - An administrative support worker. Perfect name for those dogs helping a lot.
Siberia - Siberia is the region of Russia between the Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Cool name for white dogs.
Sleeper - A person who is sleeping, a suitable name for dogs like sleeping.
Stone - A small piece of rock of any shape, a fabulous tough dog name.
Tarzan - A fictional character created by writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Texico - Name of some places in the United States.
Thorn - A sharp structure on plants, another cool tough dog name.
Tingle - Video game character of the eponymous Tingle series.
Torpedo - A self-propelled explosive projectile that operates underwater. Torpedo can be used as a hunting dog name for those like ambushing preys.
Tuba - A musical instrument that plays notes in the bass clef, awesome name for those dogs like music.
Verde - Verde Means "Green" in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian.
Wahoo - A dark blue scombrid fish or an expression of jubilation. Funny dog name, you will often celebrate with your excellent dog.
Wood - Natural material produced by the growth of plants, mainly trees and shrubs, also one of the five Chinese elements.
Yaak - Yaak is unincorporated town in Lincoln County, Montana. It is also a tributary of the Kootenay River.
Yale - Yale University is the United States' third-oldest institution of higher education.
Yazoo - Yazoo tribe is a Native American people who lived in Mississippi. Yazoo River is also in the state of Mississippi.
Zap - Onomatopoetic word for a discharge of electricity or an electric shock. Zap can be a name for aggressive tough or hunting dogs.

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