Top 30 Chicago Sports-Inspired Names for Your Dogs

In a sports-centric city like Chicago, it’s no wonder so many look to their favorite teams and players for pet-naming inspiration. People often picks Cubs-, Sox-, Hawks- or Bulls-related names for their dogs to help them stand out. They are choosing dog names that are a little bit more meaningful, that represent something that are really passionate. It is revealed that sports-inspired names are the seventh most popular category for dogs in the Chicago area.

Nathan Pajor and his wife Holly named their Vizsla Pippen, after the famous Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen, they chose the name for the loyalty and pride of Chicago. There are currently 31 registered dogs named Jordan and 144 are named Wrigley. Sharing a name with a beloved Chicago athlete can even help an animal get home. In recent years, Blackhawks and Bulls names have been especially big.

1. Bear
2. Wrigley
3. Benny
4. Cubby
5. Payton
6. Ernie
7. Ivy
8. Jordan
9. Sky
10. Sox
11. Kane
12. Rose
13. Butkus
14. Maddux
15. Bull
16. Banks
17. Buehrle
18. Sweetness
19. Ditka
20. Taser
21. Toews
22. Pippen
23. Shaw
24. Hawk
25. Comiskey
26. Urlacher
27. Joakim
28. Jabari
29. Da
30. Cutler

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