10 Perfect Shih Tzu Dog Names For Chinese Lion Dogs

A Shih Tzu is also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a toy dog with a short muzzle and large dark eyes. They have a soft and long double coat. Drop ears are covered with long fur, and the heavily furred tail is carried curled over the back. When coming up to Shih Tzu dog names, you have to consider its unique lion-like appearance. Here comes our selection of 10 unique dog names that are perfect for your Shih Tzu pups. 

Bianca - Italian for "white, pure". Perfect for your all-white Shih Tzu pups.
Lioness - An awesome creature boasting grace and strength, with hunting ability that is the envy of animals on the savannah plains.
Nigel - Champion From The Irish And Scottish Niall.
Percy - An effective hunter.
Petunia - A humble-looking flower with white or pink blossoms.
Pickles - Food flavored in a solution of vinegar.
Sultan - A noble title with several historical meanings. Originally, it was an Arabic abstract noun meaning "strength", "authority", "rulership". Later, it came to be used as the title of certain rulers who claimed almost full sovereignty in practical terms.
Tinkerbell - Tinker Bell, or Tink for short, is a fictional character described as "a common fairy" from J. M. Barrie's 1904 play Peter Pan and its 1911 novelization Peter and Wendy.
Zeke - A casual form of the name Ezekiel, an important prophet from the Old Testament. The name Zeke means "God will strengthen."
Ziggy - Germanic for Victorious Protector.

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