27 Wolf Puppy Names Inspired By Wolf Characters In Video games

Video games are very popular in the world, and wolf characters are often seen in the game. They are portrayed as goddess, fighters, wolves themselves, or bad guys. When coming up to wolf-like dog names, such as Siberian Husky and German Shepherd, you could name your puppies after one of these wolves in video games. Check out the below list and select your favorite wolf name for your boy or girl puppies.

Amaterasu: Japanese Sun-goddess in the form of a white wolf, not given a specific gender in the North American version of the game Okami.

Bill Grey: The wolf trained at the Cornerian Flight Academy with Fox McCloud, elected commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons of Corneria from the game Star Fox 64.
Blanca: A white wolf as one of the early party members and has a special Wolf Bout mini-game from the game Shadow Hearts 2.
Blizzard Wolfang: Robotic wolf, a boss character fought in a North Pole area from the game Mega Man X6.
Bruce: Male blue-furred wolf boxer from the game Animal Boxing.
Cami: Female white wolf boxer from the game Animal Boxing.
Chibiterasu: A white wolf, son of Amaterasu from the game Okami.
Diamond Dog: Also known as DD, adopted wolf companion of Big Boss from the game Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Has differing abilities dependant on the gear worn.
Duga: Blue-furred warrior of the Wolfling race who joins the player's party and fights with close combat weapons from the game Shining Force EXA.
Fenri Lunaedge: Robotic wolf antagonist and member of the Einherjar Eight Warriors from the game Mega Man Zero 4.
Grey: Male grey wolf boxer from the game Animal Boxing.
Hugo: Wolf from the game Bloody Roar.
Hutch: Male white wolf boxer from the game Animal Boxing.
Jon Talbain: Wolf from the game Darkstalkers.
Larc: A dead wolf warrior resurrected to serve the underworld king from the game Legend of Mana.
Luceid: The Guardian of Desire; member of a group of spirit beings that embody a particular aspect of the world from the game Wild Arms.
Sabre Wulf: An evil wolf with a penchant for kleptomania from the 1984 video game Sabre Wulf. He steals everything and anything in sight to add it to his hoard.
Shikuru: Companion of Nakoruru while in her "Bust" fighting style from the game Samurai Shodown III. Later becomes the partner of Rera in Samurai Shodown V.

Shiro: Kinnison's pet wolf who joins at the same time as him from the game Suikoden 2.
Sierra: Larc's sister, a wolf guardian serving one of the Dragons from the game Legend of Mana.
Sif: Known as "Great Grey Wolf Sif" in the game Dark Souls.
Terra: Noa hers wolves think friends trouble from the game Legend of Legaia.
Thane: Warrior and chosen hero of the Wolf Clan from the game Armello.
Wolfen: Vicious anthropomorphic wolf creatures known as Wolfen from the game Kya: Dark Lineage, various forms of Wolfen appear as the main enemy to the heroine Kya. They are the henchmen of the main villain Brazul and were transformed from another race by one of Brazul's machines. If Kya defeats a Wolfen, she can use a special magic to return them to their original forms.
Link: Cursed transformation of Link from the game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
O'Donnell: Leader of the Star Wolf team and rival to Fox McCloud from the game Star Fox 64.
Zylo: White-furred member of the Wolfling race who joins the player's party from the game Shining Force.

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