16 Unique Dog Names You Haven't Thought Of

Everyone is unique, so does your new puppy. When coming up to dog names, your little puppy deserve a unique name. Here comes our selection of 16 unique dog names for your boy or girl puppies. They are different from those overused popular dog names, and they also have great meanings. Feel free to choose one for your beloved canine.

Abogato: Spanish for "lawyer, attorney."

Arabellum: Latin name that means "beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful."
Bandi: Hungarian name that means "strong, manly, brave."
Brazil: Irish name that means "war." Also a vast South American country.
Clover: Clover has a long association with good luck, via the four-leaf clover, and through the shamrock symbol of Ireland. Also a feminine of Clovis.
Elixir: A magical or medicinal potion.
Gemma: Italian for Precious Stone. Also the name of Kristin Davis' daughter.
Griffey: Irish Gaelic name that means "from the gray meadow."
Haze: Short form of Hazel.
Kashmir: The name of a state in India.
Killian: Irish name that means "strife, battle small."

Majic: One who is full of wonder and surprise.
Miami: Miami is an international city at Florida's southeastern tip. This glamorous neighborhood is famed for its colorful art deco buildings, white sand, surfside hotels and trendsetting nightclubs. In 2008, Forbes magazine ranked Miami "America's Cleanest City", for its year-round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets, and citywide recycling programs.
Odysseus: Odysseus, also known by the Latin name Ulysses, was a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey.
Pistachio: A culinary nut and the tree that bears it.
Vienna: The capital and a federal state of Austria. Vienna is a place name of Latin origin, and it has a particularly pleasant sound, evoking elegant images of the Blue Danube, of castles and cafes, sweet and sausages and Strauss waltzes.

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