26 Ultimate Mexican Dog Names Inspired By Popular Words

Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds originating in Mexico. When coming up to Chihuahua dog names, you could choose a unique Mexican dog names for your male or female puppies. Here comes our selection of 26 Mexican names inspired by popular Spanish words, check out the below list and select your favorite name for your beloved canines.

Ahuevo: Hell yeah! Used to show excitement or agreement.

Alba: Daybreak.
Alma: Soul.
Aminga: Girl name means Friend.
Amigo: Girl name means Friend.
Andale: Hurry up.
Blanco: White.
Bonita: Pretty.
Che: Buddy, dude.
Chela: Beer.
Chingon: Awesome, super good.
Cordero: Lamb.
Diablo: Devil.
Domingo: Sunday.
Fiesta: Party.
Fresa: Literally means strawberry.
Hola: Hello.
Orale: Hurry up.
Querida: Dear.

Santo: Saint.
Sierra: Mountains.
Sol: Sun.
Solana: Sunny spot.
Tigre: Tiger.
Toro: Bull.
Wey: Dude.

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