57 Unique Tibetan Dog Names For Tibetan Breed Dogs

There are several dog breeds are originating in Tibet, for instance Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff, and Lhasa Apso. Tibetan dogs deserve Tibetan names, here comes our selection of 57 Tibetan dog names for your boy or girl puppies. These Tibetan names come from Tibetan boy names and girl names, color names, animal names, and buddhist names. These unique dog names make good names for your Tibetan breed puppies.

Akar: Crystal.

Aku: Uncle.
Amra: Gentle.
Apo: Father.
Badam: Peanut.
Bosa: Ivory.
Bumo: Daughter.
Choden: The devout one.
Chos: Dharma.
Cilpa: Small bird.
Cintsha: Cinnamon.
Cunu: Baby.
Dalha: Moon Goddess.
Dawa: The moon.
Despa: Brave.
Dharma: Truth.
Diki: Healthy and wealthy.
Dorjee: Thunderbolt.
Duga: The man of the watch.
Goba: Eagle.
Jampa: Loving-kindness.
Jampo: Gentle.
Jaya: Hindi word for victory.
Jempa: Clever.
Jetsan: King.
Jinpa: Generosity.
Jomo: Lady.
Kabo: White.
Kalsang: Good fortune.
Karma: An action.

Kasa: Deer.
Ketu: A shooting star.
Lama: Spiritual teacher.
Las: Another form of karma.
Lugu: Lamb.
Marmug: Brown.
Marpo: Red.
Mida: Pistol.
Mutig: Pearl.
Nagbo: Black.
Namba: Daybreak.
Norbu: A jewel.
Okha: Milk white.
Pema: Lotus.
Ponya: Angel.
Posi: Amber.
Rama: Goat.
Reba: Hope.
Rinpoche: Precious one.
Seba: A rose.
Serpo: Yellow.
Shiwa: Peaceful.
Tashi: Prosperous.
Torma: A magic stone.
Yama: God of death.
Yeshi: Wisdom.
Zopa: Patient.

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