24 African Dog Names Inspired By Famous Places

Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent, and it hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. There are also several dog breeds originating in Africa, for instance Basenji, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boerboel, and Sloughi. When coming up to dog names, of course you could choose an Africa-inspired dog names. Here comes our selection of 24 African dog names inspired by geography, and these names are world famous countries, cities, and other geographical elements.

Cairo: Cairo, Egypt's sprawling capital, is set on the Nile River. At its heart is Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artifacts.

Casablanca: The largest city in Morocco, located in the central-western part of the country bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest city in the Maghreb, as well as one of the largest and most important cities in Africa.
Congo: Country located in Central Africa.
Egypt: Country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Millennia-old monuments sit along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza's colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx as well as Luxor's hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs.
Giza: Giza, is the third-largest city in Egypt.
Kalahari: The Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid sandy savanna in southern Africa.
Kenya: Country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It's the home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.
Kilimanjaro: Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira", is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa.
Lagos: Nigeria’s largest city, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon.
Liberia: Country on the West African coast. Liberia means "Land of the Free" in Latin.
Libya: Country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north.
Malawi: Landlocked country in southeastern Africa, is defined by its topography of highlands split by the Great Rift Valley and enormous Lake Malawi.
Mali: Landlocked country in West Africa, the eighth-largest country in Africa.

Morocco: North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.
Nairobi: Kenya’s capital city. The city has Nairobi National Park, a large game reserve known for breeding endangered black rhinos and home to giraffes, zebras and lions.
Nile: A major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa. It is generally regarded as the longest river in the world.
Sahara: The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world, and the third largest desert in the world after Antarctica and the Arctic.
Serengeti: The Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa.
Tanzania: East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. They include the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game, and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain.
Timbuktu: Historical and still-inhabited city in the West African nation of Mali, situated 20 km north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.
Tripoli: The capital city and the largest city of Libya.
Tunisia: North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert.
Victoria: Victoria Falls, is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It has been described by CNN as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.
Zambia: Landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas.

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